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AI Assist

Gain greater insights and reach faster resolutions to your most challenging network issues using natural language
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The Power of AI + Digital Twin Technology

AI Assist is a groundbreaking generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature that is now integrated into Forward Enterprise. This cutting-edge feature empowers NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps professionals to gain comprehensive network insights and expedite solutions for their most demanding intricate network challenges through natural language prompts. 

AI Assist facilitates Network Query Engine (NQE) searches using natural language, thus allowing users of varying skill levels to conduct sophisticated network queries with minimal learning curve. Moreover, AI Assist generates natural language explanations for existing queries, fostering improved collaboration and understanding within the team.

Forward Enterprise now with AI Assist 

Easy as asking a question
Query your network with natural language
Designed for NetOps, SecOps, and Cloud professionals

How to talk to your network

Have you ever wanted to ask your network a question? Join this session with co-founder Nikhil Handigol to learn how Forward Networks is empowering engineers to gain advanced networking insights using natural language prompts as he introduces the platform's first feature powered by generative AI.
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