We only have one earth.

To keep our planet healthy for the next generation, we're making sustainable choices both at home and at work.
Network professionals, however, have limited options for environmentally-friendly hardware.

The average enterprise router can take an estimated one thousand years to decompose.

There's got to be a better way.
Introducing the Olive Branch Router

Made from revolutionary bio-resins and corn polymers, the BioBased Networks' Olive Branch Router offers the same performance as traditional network hardware but can break down into rich, plant-nutrient particles in just 90 days.

Made from nature

The Olive Branch Router's chassis, console ports, and internal components are made from durable, locally-grown, organic, fairly-traded materials, enabling you to sustainably route all of your network traffic.


Modern global networking technology as Mother Nature intended


We respect your body's biome and your freedom to digest network hardware


Guaranteed to have never affected, impacted, or bothered any animal, ever
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