October 11, 2017

Moving Forward: Our New Sales VP Discusses the Opportunity at Hand

by Charlie Elliott

The following post is from Forward Networks new Vice President of Global Sales, Ryan Mac Ban, and previously posted on LinkedIn under the title "Why Forward Networks and Why Now?"

Ryan Mac Ban photoIf you are reading this, you most likely know that I have recently joined Forward Networks to run Global Sales.  My first two weeks have been focused on reconnecting with many senior technology executives who are responsible for managing some of the world’s largest and most complex global networks. What’s interesting is that every conversation has centered on how they are still challenged with network complexity, while working at speed to drive digital transformation across their respective organizations.  If that’s not enough of a challenge, add in the constant threat of attack, with so many “bad actors” – looking for a single vulnerability in the network and you find that today, success is not stacked in favor of the executives.

Helping technology leaders finally make sense of their network complexity and allowing them to do so without a full hardware refresh, agents or both, drove me to make the move to Forward Networks.  It has been exhilarating to be part of a disrupter working in a market, which has been long overdue for a major shake-up.  I wanted a change, but more importantly I wanted to be a disrupter again. There are a number of legacy real time Network Monitoring and Network Operations software offerings available today, which I think most would agree are not overly effective.  If any one platform was effective, then most large companies wouldn’t have to deploy so many of them…

The disruption that Forward Networks is creating will give companies the opportunity to manage network complexity at scale and move at speed while increasing protection from security threats.  We have a unique approach to solving 30+ years of end-to-end networking challenges and the best part is - we can do this today!  Here are just a few things to consider:

What if you could gather Full Device (router, load balancer, firewall switch, even Virtual Machine) and Forwarding State for each network element across a multi-vendor environment in your end-to-end network?

What if you could deliver Intent Based Search and Verification across the network you have deployed today without a full hardware refresh, agents, or both?

What if you could Predict network behavior prior to making configuration changes in your production network?

It was the potential I saw in solving some of the biggest networking challenges customers are faced with and being able to do so on the networks they operate in production today that solidified my decision to join Forward Networks.  Now it’s your time to no longer just imagine what’s possible, but to realize the innovation in your global network.  Together, we can disrupt this market and finally de-risk the network complexity, so you can move at speed to support the demands of the business.

This is just the beginning of what’s ahead at Forward Networks.  If I have not connected with you already, feel free to reach out and let’s get started!

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