February 22, 2018

Forward Networks Named Winner of 2018 Modern Infrastructure Impact Award for Best Software-Defined Infrastructure Solution

by Charlie Elliott

Forward Networks Named Winner of 2018 Modern Infrastructure Impact Award for Best Software-Defined Infrastructure Solution

Presented by the editors of TechTarget’s Data Center Media Group, the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the top products and technologies in essential areas of data center and cloud infrastructure

Palo Alto, CA. – Feb. 22, 2018 – Forward Networks, a leader in network analytics, automation and intent-based networking solutions, today announced that the company’s flagship platform, Forward Enterprise, has earned the prestigious 2018 Modern Infrastructure Impact Award for best software-defined infrastructure solution. Forward Enterprise helps network engineers and operators ensure that their intended networking and security policies are accurately implemented in their network designs and configurations, allowing users to proactively isolate errors that can lead to costly outages, while accelerating time to remediate issues and deploy changes.

Now in its fifth year, The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards are judged by the Modern Infrastructure e-zine editorial staff in conjunction with users, readers, and industry experts. They recognize tools that help enterprise businesses run with efficiency and insight. Forward Networks was selected in the software-defined infrastructure category over solutions from Cumulus Networks, Big Switch Networks and VMware.

"Although it's a small company, I think Forward Networks' Forward Platform is pretty great," said Mark May, enterprise infrastructure specialist. "It basically imports your network configurations and lets you treat them like a sort of lab to predict network intent. For me, these guys are the most innovative." Readers were also impressed by the level of visibility Forward Platform provides into the network. It performs continuous verification to ensure the network follows the connectivity and security policies that you've defined. As one voter said, it "finally solves the underlay problem."

“We are thrilled to have been selected the winner of this Modern Infrastructure Impact award from such a distinguished set of finalists,” said David Erickson, CEO and Co-founder of Forward Networks. “Especially with the selection process involving a wide range of readers, users and industry experts. This is testimony to how quickly we have been able to gain market traction and recognition for a radically improved approach to identifying and diagnosing network issues and accelerating change processes.”

Forward Enterprise is the result of primary research the four founders developed at Stanford, growing out of their pioneering efforts in software-defined networking, OpenFlow, and intent-based networking. In addition to focusing on network automation, they developed ways to model complex networks in software to allow end-to-end path-based analysis, rather than traditional box-by-box methods to analyze and verify network behavior. The resulting intelligence can accelerate time to identify network issues by upwards of 60-90% while proactively eliminating configuration errors that could cause future outages.

About Forward Networks

Forward Networks is the leading provider of solutions for intent-based networking and analytics for large enterprise networks, communications providers and network integrators. Using their flagship product Forward Enterprise, customers reduce time to analyze and troubleshoot network issues, remove operational complexity and increase network availability. Forward Networks was founded in 2013 by four Stanford Ph.D. graduates and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit http://staging4.forwardnetworks.com.

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