February 18, 2023

The most important things we learned at Cisco Live EMEA 2023

by Lisa Garvey

We were honored to be an Emerald Sponsor of 2023 Cisco Live EMEA. During the four-day show, we met with hundreds of network engineers and architects who keep the world's most complex networks secure, reliable, and predictable. And they were not shy about bringing us their headaches.

We were honored to sit with them and whiteboard solutions to their challenges, including reducing MTTR, proving compliance, preventing outages, understanding the exposure of compromised devices, improving the efficiency of change windows, and derisking automation.

We also crowned new network champions who proved their prowess by completing the Forward Quest Challenge. Each of these network security and predictability defenders will receive a T-shirt proclaiming their expertise. If you missed our booth or weren’t at the event, you can earn your own shirt by playing the game on our site.

Speaking Sessions

On Tuesday, Chiara Regale, our vice president of product and UX, participated in a panel discussion focused on Unlocking value from Network Automation investments to help resource efficiency in Network Engineering & Management. She shared some of the most common challenges we see when working with Fortune 500 companies and large government organizations and how our network digital twin improves IT efficiency through visualization and validation capabilities. She also shared how customers use our Network Query Engine to prevent configuration drift and keep the network behaving as intended.

On Wednesday, co-founder Peyman Kazemian packed the partner theater. During his session, Peyman demonstrated how network digital twin functionality like search, modeling, and intent checks help engineering teams reduce MTTR, avoid outages, verify security posture, and ensure policy compliance across all network environments -- on-prem, cloud, and multi-cloud.

We left Cisco Live EMEA energized to help these companies ensure their network behaves as expected, prevent security incidents, and avoid outages. We’re already planning how to make Cisco Live EMEA 2024 more exciting and looking forward to Cisco Live 2023 in Las Vegas.

If you can’t see us at a show - we’re happy to spend time whiteboarding your challenges and show you how our digital twin can put you back in control of your network.

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