Forward Networks won the prestigious Gold designation for Cloud Computing Security at the 2024 Globee Awards for Cybersecurity. This recognizes Forward Networks' commitment to transforming how SecOps, CloudOps, and NetOps teams operate by creating a single source of truth for engineers with actionable insights that empower them to regain control over their networks.  

Winning this award is an incredible achievement for Forward Networks, as security is the top concern for every enterprise. The data collected and analyzed by our network digital twin gives NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps teams unparalleled visibility into their network's security landscape. Engineers no longer have to manually hunt for information, compliance is automatically checked with each collection and engineers are immediately alerted if a verification check does not pass, Common Vulnerabilities within the network are published in an easy to read (and export) report that offers a prioritized remediation plan, the reachability of a compromised host is available in a mouse click, and teams have access to an always current security posture matrix that shows connectivity between zones at a glance. Having this information at engineers’ fingertips is a game changer, helping address issues before there even is an issue and drastically reducing the time it takes to respond to an breach. Our security capabilities cover the entire hybrid, multi-cloud network. 

Additionally, Security Today honored Forward Networks with the 2024 GOVIE award for Compliance Acceleration with government agencies who are highly regulated due to the sensitive nature of their work. Specifically, the award honored Forward Networks for its work in helping federal networks prepare for CCRI (Cyber Command Readiness Inspections) and STIG Compliance.  

Hot Company in Compliance by Cyber Defense Magazine’s Top InfoSec Innovator Awards and Cloud Computing Software of the Year in 2023 Mobile Breakthrough Awards

Forward Networks was recently honored as the Top InfoSec Innovator by Cyber Defense Magazine. Commenting on the win, Yan Ross, editor of Cyber Defense Magazine said, “We scoured the globe looking for cybersecurity innovators that could make a huge difference and potentially help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cyber-crime. Forward Networks is worthy of being named a winner in these coveted awards and consideration for deployment in your environment.”

The compliance features within Forward Enterprise that helped secure the win include: 

Additionally, Forward Enterprise was named 2023 Cloud Computing Software of the Year by the Mobile Breakthrough Awards. This is the third consecutive year that the Mobile Breakthrough Awards has recognized Forward Networks as a winner. Mobile Breakthrough is a leading independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global wireless and mobile market today.

From Gestalt IT

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, maintaining a robust and secure network infrastructure is crucial for businesses. Network observability – which is the ability to gather updates with each collection contextual data and draw out valuable inference – plays a fundamental role in ensuring secure network operations. 

However, achieving observability is especially challenging in multi-cloud environments, where disparate cloud providers offer varying levels of visibility... [KEEP READING on Gestalt IT]

The Globee Awards for Disruptors recognizes and celebrates organizations and individuals who have significantly contributed to disruptive innovation across various industries. These awards acknowledge the trailblazers who have challenged the status quo, introduced groundbreaking ideas, and transformed traditional practices through their disruptive approaches.  

Forward Networks was honored because: 

Because the tools network and security operations use to validate connectivity and security for on-premises networking are entirely different from those used for the cloud, it’s nearly impossible for teams to verify that the security policy is being enforced on-prem and throughout the multi-cloud environment.  

Deploying traditional security controls is ineffective in the cloud since defensible perimeters are erased, component virtualization and decentralization obscures visibility, and automated configuration tools are required at scale. 

Using read-only permissions, Forward Enterprise collects config and state data from all on-premises devices, such as routers, switches, and firewalls. The SaaS platform uses publicly available APIs to gather similar read-only information from public cloud accounts to create a digital network twin encompassing physical, virtual, and cloud estates. This information is presented in an integrated (and vendor-agnostic) way, enabling engineers to verify compliance throughout the estate. Anytime a non-compliant change is detected within the cloud estate, the appropriate teams will receive specific, actionable information about which instantiation is non-compliant and why, enabling rapid resolution.  

Unique Cloud Security Features within Forward Enterprise: 

Single source of truth.

Networking, security, and cloud professionals can work from a consistent, always up-to-date set of facts when troubleshooting or verifying network behaviors, drastically reducing MTTR. 

Verification that cloud security posture complies with corporate policy.  

Users gain unprecedented access to behavioral data to hasten troubleshooting, prevent incidents, and deliver timely alerts any time a cloud configuration is outside of policy. Timely alerts enable teams to quickly remediate issues and limit risk. 

Secure, automated application provisioning in the cloud.  

Organizations can ensure that the connectivity configurations of new applications adhere to corporate governance policies. Eliminating manual policy checks streamlines the process, so applications can be launched with greater confidence and speed, and companies can recognize revenue on new offerings more quickly.  

Hop by hop visibility.  

Forward computes all possible traffic flows and provides detailed insight into how on-premises devices and cloud elements transform and direct traffic.  

Search capabilities across the entire estate. 

Forward performs complete end-to-end path analyses across the network for both on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Users can locate devices and access detailed information on their location, configuration, and state in milliseconds. 

Learn more about Forward Enterprise Cloud Security by reading the use case or requesting a demo.


Forward Networks Wins Hot Company in Cloud Security Award in 11th Annual Global InfoSec Awards

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Forward Networks announced today it has been recognized with the Hot Company in Cloud Security Award from Cyber Defense Magazine's 2023 Global InfoSec Awards. The company is revolutionizing the way large networks are managed through its advanced software that delivers a "digital twin" of the network, enabling network operators to visualize the network, confirm policy compliance, and simplify network management. The platform supports devices from all major networking vendors and cloud operators, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Forward Networks is the only company that provides an integrated view of the entire hybrid multi-cloud network with the ability to drill down to single devices or instances. This single source of truth provides NOC and SOC engineers the data and insight needed to ensure security policies are enforced and the network is reliable. By collecting and parsing information on all devices in the network and their behavior, Forward is taking the pain out of critical but tedious and time consuming tasks like identifying and remediating CVEs that impact the network, identifying the blast radius of a compromised host, understanding endpoint vulnerabilities and proving the security posture is being enforced as intended.

"We're honored to receive the Hot Company in Cloud Security award from Cyber Defense Magazine's Global InfoSec Awards," said David Erickson, CEO and co-founder, Forward Networks. "This award continues to build upon Forward's recent momentum as we achieved 139% year-over-year growth last year and raised a $50M Series D in January. We're focused on providing network and security teams alike with the tools they need to be successful, both in the cloud and on-premises."

Global InfoSec judges, all CISSP, FMDHS, CEH, certified security professionals, voted based on their independent review of submitted materials and were looking for best of breed, next generation InfoSec solutions.

"We scoured the globe looking for cybersecurity innovators that could make a huge difference and potentially help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cyber-crime. Forward Networks is absolutely worthy of this coveted award and consideration for deployment in your environment," said Yan Ross, Editor of Cyber Defense Magazine.

The full list of 2023 Cyber Defense Magazine Global InfoSec Award winners can be found here:

About Forward Networks
Forward Networks is revolutionizing the way large networks are managed. Forward's advanced software delivers a digital twin of the network, enabling network operators to ensure that the network is secure, reliable, and agile. The platform supports devices from all major networking vendors and cloud operators, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Forward Networks was founded in 2013 by four Stanford Ph.D. graduates and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Investors include MSD Partners, Goldman Sachs, Andreessen Horowitz, Threshold Ventures, Section 32, Omega Venture Partners, and A. Capital. For more information, visit

About CDM InfoSec Awards
This is Cyber Defense Magazine's tenth year of honoring InfoSec innovators from around the Globe. Our submission requirements are for any startup, early stage, later stage, or public companies in the INFORMATION SECURITY (INFOSEC) space who believe they have a unique and compelling value proposition for their product or service. Learn more at

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Forward Networks was just named a Great Place to Work in the Bay Area by Fortune. We’re excited to be on this list in an area known for setting the bar high when it comes to treating employees well. Perks are nice, but perks alone don’t get 100% of employees to say they work at a great company — that comes down to people and culture. And 100% of my colleagues said that Forward Networks is a Great Place to Work, beating the national average by 43%.

During my first conversation with a recruiter, I knew in my heart that there was something special about Forward Networks. Throughout the rest of the interview process – my hunch was confirmed, everyone I spoke to was smart, dedicated, and authentic. I knew it was the kind of environment where I could be myself, keep learning, face challenges, and thrive.

I love our platform, and I’m so happy to be working with a technology I believe in – but for me, the best part of Forward Networks is the people I get to work with. Everyone is committed to doing what’s best for our customers.

About two months into my tenure, we had our first hackathon. I’ve always experienced hackathons as a (well-earned) week for engineers to go play with their toys without regard to practical application. That’s not how my amazing co-workers approached it.

Every team focused on resolving a challenge our customers had experienced. Founders worked on teams with junior engineers – side by side as equals. Best of all – we incorporated several of the teams' suggestions into shipped product within a quarter. This is because everyone checked their ego and truly collaborated to support our customers. It’s also because we have some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with on staff.

I’ve always appreciated working with smart people; I mean, who doesn’t? But sometimes it can be intimidating to ask questions. That’s never been the case here. People are not only willing to share knowledge, but to ask for your expertise as well. We all sit down to lunch together once a week – from our founders and executive leaders to the newest kid on the block.

I asked some of my co-workers why they think Forward Networks is a great place to work, and while the answers were unique, the themes of trust, empowerment, and people rose to the top. Here are some of the responses:

“I enjoy the level of autonomy I have in doing my job. I also appreciate that I have the full support of management anytime I need it.”

– Jack Shen, Customer Success

“Forward Networks fully supports its people. When I decided to pursue a master's degree that required me to move overseas, I had the full support of my team and leaders to pursue my dream and continue to contribute to the company.”

– Aditya Chakraborty, Design

“The people at Forward Networks exhibit a high level of integrity. They are dedicated, smart, hard-working, accountable, and responsive. I can trust them implicitly. At the same time, our product is amazing. There’s no other networking software offering like this in the industry, and we are just getting started.”

– Andi Voellmy, Principal Engineering Manager

“The Forward Networks platform is software I wish I’d had access to earlier in my career. We’re breaking new ground around network digital twins, and I get to be on the forefront of this development all the while working with great people that I trust and appreciate.”

– Tyson Henrie, Customer Success

“Forward Networks understands how to hire and empower people that exhibit a desire for continuous learning and growth. We have lots of people in the company that went to top schools, and we have people with non-traditional backgrounds. We all work together with mutual respect and trust which makes this a great place to work."

– Scott Arky, IT Manager

I feel so fortunate to be at this company with these people. Sure, we have a game room, happy hours, lunches, and great benefits, but none of that matters if the company culture is unappealing. We have a secret sauce that can’t easily be replicated; we have talent, trust, empowerment, and support, combined with the excitement of solving “unsolvable” problems. And … we’re hiring. Check out the careers page if you want to be as happy at work as we are!

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Forward Networks, the industry leader in network assurance and intent-based verification, announced today that its Forward Enterprise solution has been named a Gold Globee® Winner for the Network Management category in the 16th Annual 2021 IT World Awards®. This award is part of The Globee® Awards' premier business awards programs and ranking lists, which recognize information technology and cybersecurity vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products, solutions, and services that are helping raise the bar for others in all areas of technology and cybersecurity.

Forward Networks' Forward Enterprise won the Gold Globee® for Network Management solutions
Forward Networks' Forward Enterprise won the Gold Globee® for Network Management solutions

Forward Enterprise helps network operations engineers be more efficient and effective while avoiding outages through its unique mathematical model. The platform creates a digital twin of the network (across on-premises devices, private and public cloud) enabling network operators to map all possible traffic paths, instantly troubleshoot, verify intent, predict network behavior and reduce MTTR (mean time to resolution). The platform helps large IT organizations make their networks more predictable, agile, and secure by providing a single source of truth for all teams. Companies using Forward Enterprise report significant time savings, cost reduction and improved ability to deploy new applications.

"We are honored that the Forward Enterprise platform is a Golden Globee recipient for Network Management solutions in the 2021 IT World Awards," said Chiara Regale, VP of product at Forward Networks. "Our purpose is to reduce the burden network operations engineers face on a daily basis by providing detailed analysis and verification of device state and configuration, visualization of all possible traffic paths and the ability to predict how changes will impact the network before they are made. Being recognized by the Globee Awards is validation that we are delivering on that promise."

More than 65 judges from around the world representing a wide spectrum of industry experts participated in the judging process. The IT World Awards are open to all Information Technology and Cyber Security organizations from all over the world and their end-users of products and services.

"The information technology industry continues to show its resilience," said San Madan, co-President of Globee Awards. "The tech sector is robust and innovative. And the pandemic has changed the way people live, work, shop, and socialize thereby accelerating demand for newer technologies and innovations everywhere."

For more information on Forward Networks and its solutions, visit

See the complete list of 2021 winners here:

About the Globee Awards 

Globee Awards are conferred in eleven programs and competition: the CEO World Awards®, the Consumer World Awards®, The Customer Sales & Service World Awards®, the Globee® International Best in Business Awards, the Golden Bridge Awards®, the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards® and Security World Awards, the IT World Awards®, One Planet® American Best in Business Awards, the Globee® Employer Excellence Awards®, the Globee® Corporate Communications & Marketing World Awards, and the Women World Awards®. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind their success, the Globee Awards recognize outstanding achievements and performances in businesses worldwide. Learn more about the Globee Awards at

UPDATE: We won!! The Best of Citrix Synergy 2019 Award for Storage, Networking and Infrastructure goes to Forward Networks!

DAY ONE AT CITRIX SYNERGY was off the charts.

We have broken all previous records on the number of visitors to our booth (409) with lines of people longer than we’ve ever experienced. Staffed with some of our best technical team members on-site in the booth, we're educating discerning attendees on our revolutionary technology. We’re available (in English, French, and Italian!) to drill down on details and explain what’s happening ‘under the hood’ inside our network verification and network assurance technology

People from all over the world are excited to understand how Forward Enterprise can not only help manage their Citrix devices but also get a holistic view of their entire network across vendors. It has been so exciting to share it with attendees for the first time and see their eyes light up!

We love talking to the technical gurus and NetScaler admins that can appreciate the insight of our product, many of which have begun pilot evaluations to learn more in their own environment.

After a quick demo, visitors want to understand on a deeper level what powers Forward Enterprise so we’ve been launching into a 20-30 minute product overviews throughout the day.

Remember, we still have 2 days of Synergy left-- any attendee that visits our booth can take not only the information gathered back to work with them, but a full-featured 90-day version of our enterprise software!

Palo Alto, California – October 4, 2018 – Forward Networks, a leader in network analytics, automation, and intent-based networking solutions, announced that it has been included as a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s 2018 “Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking” report.

The report addresses challenges presented by “network complexity created by years of incremental, rather than innovative, technical changes; limited visibility into the network; and continued prevalence on manual network changes rather than leveraging network automation.”

Gartner analysts suggest that I&O leaders evaluate several software-based solutions as a way to improve the agility of enterprise networks critical to digital business.“Tools enabling network analytics and automation can improve agility and availability in advance of hardware refreshes by improving network performance and providing clearer insight into network architectures, costs and behaviors.”

David Erickson, Co-founder and CEO of Forward Networks, said “The team at Forward is thrilled with the recognition from Gartner. As we often hear from our customers, verification and network assurance are vital to reducing risk across the entire network. Intent-based networking solutions are the next major step forward for leading IT organizations.”

Forward Networks’ flagship product, Forward Enterprise, delivers a suite of network automation tools designed for large, complex, multi-vendor network environments. By creating, in software, a mathematical model of the network, Forward Enterprise enables companies to quickly visualize and search large networks, debug problems, verify policy correctness at scale, and predict network behavior prior to making changes to production equipment. Network engineers can also diagnose issues in a fraction of the time and isolate potential errors before they cause network outages.

In a recent ROI study across several customers, including several large financial services companies, Forward Enterprise enables 50% faster resolution of network trouble tickets, 90% faster fixes related to audit processes, and 33% reduction in aborted network updates due to identified errors.

Read a complimentary copy of the entire report: Gartner 2018 Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking.

Source: Gartner, Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking, Bill Menezes, Tim Zimmerman, Vivek Bhalla, Andrew Lerner, 7 May 2018.


Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in our research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About Forward Networks

Forward Networks is the leading provider of solutions for intent-based networking and analytics for large enterprise networks, communications providers and network integrators. Using their flagship product, Forward Enterprise, customers reduce time to analyze and troubleshoot network issues, remove operational complexity and increase network availability. Forward Networks was founded in 2013 by four Stanford Ph.D. graduates and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit

Presented by the editors of TechTarget’s Data Center Media Group, the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the top products and technologies in essential areas of data center and cloud infrastructure

Palo Alto, CA. – Feb. 22, 2018 – Forward Networks, a leader in network analytics, automation and intent-based networking solutions, today announced that the company’s flagship platform, Forward Enterprise, has earned the prestigious 2018 Modern Infrastructure Impact Award for best software-defined infrastructure solution. Forward Enterprise helps network engineers and operators ensure that their intended networking and security policies are accurately implemented in their network designs and configurations, allowing users to proactively isolate errors that can lead to costly outages, while accelerating time to remediate issues and deploy changes.

Now in its fifth year, The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards are judged by the Modern Infrastructure e-zine editorial staff in conjunction with users, readers, and industry experts. They recognize tools that help enterprise businesses run with efficiency and insight. Forward Networks was selected in the software-defined infrastructure category over solutions from Cumulus Networks, Big Switch Networks and VMware.

"Although it's a small company, I think Forward Networks' Forward Platform is pretty great," said Mark May, enterprise infrastructure specialist. "It basically imports your network configurations and lets you treat them like a sort of lab to predict network intent. For me, these guys are the most innovative." Readers were also impressed by the level of visibility Forward Platform provides into the network. It performs continuous verification to ensure the network follows the connectivity and security policies that you've defined. As one voter said, it "finally solves the underlay problem."

“We are thrilled to have been selected the winner of this Modern Infrastructure Impact award from such a distinguished set of finalists,” said David Erickson, CEO and Co-founder of Forward Networks. “Especially with the selection process involving a wide range of readers, users and industry experts. This is testimony to how quickly we have been able to gain market traction and recognition for a radically improved approach to identifying and diagnosing network issues and accelerating change processes.”

Forward Enterprise is the result of primary research the four founders developed at Stanford, growing out of their pioneering efforts in software-defined networking, OpenFlow, and intent-based networking. In addition to focusing on network automation, they developed ways to model complex networks in software to allow end-to-end path-based analysis, rather than traditional box-by-box methods to analyze and verify network behavior. The resulting intelligence can accelerate time to identify network issues by upwards of 60-90% while proactively eliminating configuration errors that could cause future outages.

About Forward Networks

Forward Networks is the leading provider of solutions for intent-based networking and analytics for large enterprise networks, communications providers and network integrators. Using their flagship product Forward Enterprise, customers reduce time to analyze and troubleshoot network issues, remove operational complexity and increase network availability. Forward Networks was founded in 2013 by four Stanford Ph.D. graduates and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit

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