Forward Networks won the prestigious Gold designation for Cloud Computing Security at the 2024 Globee Awards for Cybersecurity. This recognizes Forward Networks' commitment to transforming how SecOps, CloudOps, and NetOps teams operate by creating a single source of truth for engineers with actionable insights that empower them to regain control over their networks.  

Winning this award is an incredible achievement for Forward Networks, as security is the top concern for every enterprise. The data collected and analyzed by our network digital twin gives NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps teams unparalleled visibility into their network's security landscape. Engineers no longer have to manually hunt for information, compliance is automatically checked with each collection and engineers are immediately alerted if a verification check does not pass, Common Vulnerabilities within the network are published in an easy to read (and export) report that offers a prioritized remediation plan, the reachability of a compromised host is available in a mouse click, and teams have access to an always current security posture matrix that shows connectivity between zones at a glance. Having this information at engineers’ fingertips is a game changer, helping address issues before there even is an issue and drastically reducing the time it takes to respond to an breach. Our security capabilities cover the entire hybrid, multi-cloud network. 

Additionally, Security Today honored Forward Networks with the 2024 GOVIE award for Compliance Acceleration with government agencies who are highly regulated due to the sensitive nature of their work. Specifically, the award honored Forward Networks for its work in helping federal networks prepare for CCRI (Cyber Command Readiness Inspections) and STIG Compliance.  

Nobody likes getting audited or inspected. Well, almost nobody; there’s always one person who consistently blows the curve. They gleefully anticipate inspections because they know they’re going to get a glowing review. We all have names for that person, most of which shouldn’t be included in a business blog.

But what if, (bear with me) we could be that person? A leader who faces the inspection knowing that while they may find something that you could improve, you're dialed in, and everything is as it should be. That sounds like a lot more fun than the anxiety and stress that is more commonly associated with audits.

Cyber Command Readiness Inspections (CCRI) are DISA mandated and designed to ensure the security of all networks connected to the DOD information network. Inspectors will examine every part of your network looking for security posture awareness, standards compliance, vulnerabilities, and an agency’s ability to protect against cyber threats.

The inspection process is rigorous and methodical. The network itself is inspected as is your documentation. The good news is that the standards are published. It’s like getting the test questions before the exam. Inspectors will evaluate compliance using published guidelines, including:

So now that you know the questions - it’s a “simple” matter of finding the answers. This requires evaluating the network for compliance against thousands of specifications. In this context, having the questions before the test doesn’t make matters any easier. Trying to verify compliance, produce accurate documentation, and have the right culture and processes in place takes many agencies months of intensive manual efforts. Even then, they aren’t 100% confident they’ll pass inspection because networks are constantly changing, which could take them out of compliance. And manual documentation is out of date the moment it’s completed.

Instead of investing thousands of work-hours, there is a better way. A network digital twin can help index every aspect of your network, including topology, device configuration, and state across your multi-vendor, multi-cloud environment. This information is validated at regular intervals so it’s always up to date.

Custom checks can detect non-compliance and pinpoint necessary remediation efforts. And results are mathematically accurate.

If you’d like to learn more about how this works, read our white paper, Use a Digital Twin For Impeccable Cyber Command Readiness Inspections.

If you’d like to see Forward Enterprise in action, book a 1:1 consultation on using a digital twin to ensure CCRI readiness.

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