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I’ve been fortunate enough to serve my country as a member of the Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) in the Central Intelligence Agency. As a kid growing up in northern Minnesota, a career at the CIA seemed an impossible dream, and yet I was able to serve my country and our allies around the world for 35 years.  

All too quickly, I found myself ready for retirement from the government but not ready to retire. I had developed so many technical and leadership skills that I was ready for another challenge, but I was unsure of how to transition to the private sector. In the CIA we had a saying, “We are the nation’s first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.”

I couldn’t go from a role like that to just any job. I needed to work in an environment that was making changes in the way businesses function, a company that embraced the same mentality that nothing is too hard. At the same time, I wanted to join an organization that would respect my experience, offer new growth opportunities, and be filled with smart, quality people.

I’d met David Erickson, the CEO of Forward Networks, and I knew this company was delivering a new category of technology, which is challenging to say the least. David expressed interest in having me join the company to focus on federal strategy and security. Now that I’ve been with the company for nearly 3 months, I know I made the right choice. The passion reminds me of my team at the CIA with a focus on innovation, commitment, collaboration, and integrity. My experience is valued and I’m already able to contribute to the company in a meaningful way. 

I see the mission at Forward Networks as, “We are the network’s first line of defense, we accomplish what other companies cannot accomplish, and we go where other companies have not gone.” Being part of this is exciting. The company is financially stable having just closed $50 million in Series D funding, and we’re hiring.

If you’re serving in the federal sector today as a government employee or a contractor, we’d like you to consider joining us – your experience will be valued, and you’ll continue to be challenged. Click here to explore career opportunities. 

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