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In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, Security Operations (SecOps) teams face an ever-evolving landscape of threats and challenges. As a professional in the NetOps, SecOps, or CloudOps field, you understand the critical importance of staying ahead of cyber adversaries and safeguarding your network infrastructure. That's where Forward Networks steps in, offering innovative solutions that revolutionize SecOps by supercharging your network insights and capabilities.

Our Co-Founder, Nikhil Handigol offers "5 Ways to Supercharge SecOps with Network Insights," where he unveils how SecOps engineers can elevate their SecOps game using digital twin technology. Let's explore five key takeaways that can transform the way you approach security operations:

1. Unlocking Vulnerability Management: Navigating the vast sea of vulnerabilities across servers and applications can be daunting. With a true network digital twin, you can instantly see which vulnerabilities are present in your network ranked by severity, making it easy to prioritize remediation and have mathematical confidence the network is compliant.

2. Attack Surface Management: Understanding your network's attack surface is crucial in fortifying your defenses against cyber threats. With Forward Networks' advanced capabilities, proactively identify areas where your network is out of compliance and analyze your exposure. By visualizing attack vectors and vulnerable hosts, you can proactively defend your network infrastructure.

3. Harnessing the Power of Software: Modern networks demand sophisticated solutions that go beyond use-specific tools. By leveraging network digital twin technology, you can validate your network's security posture with precision. Say goodbye to manual validation processes and embrace the efficiency of AI-driven insights.

4. Enhancing Network Visibility: In the realm of SecOps, visibility is key. Forward Networks' digital twin empowers security engineers with comprehensive insights into network connectivity and configurations. Real-time visibility into your network's traffic flow and behavior enables proactive threat detection and rapid incident response.

5. Transforming Security Operations with Network Insights: Unleash the full potential of your Security Operations Center (SoC) by integrating network insights into your security strategy. With Forward Networks' cutting-edge solutions, bridge the gap between network operations and security, fostering collaboration and efficiency across teams.

Are you eager to learn more? Nikhil goes into greater detail and demonstrates how the network insights delivered by true digital twin technology can supercharge SecOps teams. View the session on demand.

Join the revolution in SecOps with Forward Networks and embrace a future where network security knows no bounds. Stay tuned for more insights, advancements, and partnerships that shape the future of cybersecurity.

Just like that, we’ve completed another Networking Field Day (NFD). Only this time, we had a customer present: Michael Wynston, Director of Network Architecture and Automation at Fiserv, joined us to share how the Forward Enterprise network digital twin is saving his organization time and money by delivering a trusted source of truth for his network inventory

Additionally, our own Mike Lossmann explained the security benefits of a network digital twin and co-founder, Nikhil Handigol, shared how generative AI is helping engineers of all skill levels gain complex network insights using natural language prompts.   

As usual, the delegates put us through our paces with insightful and sometimes challenging questions, which is the reason we enjoy this event so much: it’s engineers talking to engineers (marketing people like me are verboten), and they don’t hold back. We’re delighted that three of the delegates have published articles detailing their takeaways from our presentations.   

"Forward Networks - The tale of an aptly named company" by Ryan Lambert provides an in-depth exploration of Forward Networks' approach to network digital twins. Lambert delves into the practical applications of network digital twins, highlighting their ability to model network behaviors and streamline network management processes. From compliance verification to outage troubleshooting, he believes that network digital twins promise to revolutionize how organizations manage their networks. 

John Herbert's article, "'AI Assist' is better than 'AI Do It For Me'," offers a candid reflection on the role of artificial intelligence in network management. Herbert emphasizes the importance of maintaining human oversight and control in the face of AI-driven solutions. He likes Forward Networks' AI Assist feature for its user-centric approach, which empowers users to evaluate and modify AI-generated queries, ensuring accuracy and reliability in network management tasks. 

In "Unveiling the power of Digital Twins," Greg Grimes explores the transformative potential of network digital twins in network management. Greg outlines Forward Networks' innovative approach to creating its network digital twin, which eliminates the computational burden associated with traditional virtual appliances. With practical applications ranging from compliance verification to route update predictions, Forward’s network digital twin modernizes network management processes. 

If you get a chance, please take a look at the full-length versions of the articles; they’re written by engineers, not professional journalists or analysts. It’s a window into how “hands-on-keyboard” professionals feel about our capabilities.  

If we were lucky enough to meet with you at Cisco Live EMEA – thank you for trusting us with your time! Thanks to great attendance and interest in our new Generative AI feature, we met more people than ever and had more 1:1 technical sessions than ever before. Did we miss you?

Not to worry, one of our sessions was recorded and is now available on demand.

Network Insights through Generative AI

Viewing this content is free but requires you to register.

Discover the transformative power of Generative AI in unlocking network insights with co-founder, Nikhil Handigol. In this session, Nikhil demonstrated how Forward Networks seamlessly incorporates generative AI into its network digital twin, revolutionizing the accessibility of crucial information for NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps engineers.

Alternatively, view a more in-depth BrightTALK session.

Supercharging SecOps with Data and Visibility

Why is network data your most valuable asset to ensure compliance? Chiara Regale, SVP of Product and UX for Forward Networks, discusses our integrations with Tenable and Rapid7 and how our integrations deliver complete attack surface visibility that empowers SecOps teams to proactively identify impacted hosts with critical vulnerabilities accessible from the Internet or other critical exposure points within seconds. Due to technical difficulties, this session was not recorded. Please view, instead, this in-depth BrightTALK session.

Are you headed to Cisco Live U.S.? Then carve out some time to come talk to us. We’ll have our top technical experts and co-founders on hand to provide solutions to your toughest problems! If that’s not enough to entice you, we’ll have yummy treats, eye-popping drawings, and super-cool in-booth giveaways. Only a clown would miss it!

Cisco Live Amsterdam is kicking off in less than a week! We hope you'll stop by our stand (C13), grab a coffee from our barista, and learn about our new AI-supported feature, AI Assist, which was recently featured in Network World.

We're giving away three electric bikes! Attend a theater demo or talk to one of our onsite technical experts for a chance to win.

Theater presentations are every half-hour in the booth. Learn about:

Join our live sessions:

How a Global Financial Services Company Saved Millions with Accurate Data

Steve Allie, Vice President Technical Services

Wednesday, February 7 at 12:00 p.m. - 12:10 p.m. CET

Speakers Corner

Network Insights through Generative AI

Discover the transformative power of Generative AI in unlocking network insights with Co-Founder, Nikhil Handigol. In this session, explore how Forward Networks seamlessly incorporates generative AI into its network digital twin, revolutionizing the accessibility of crucial information for NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps engineers.

Wednesday, February 7 at 2:30 p.m. - 2:50 p.m. CET

Partner Theater

Supercharging SecOps with Data and Visibility

Why is network data your most valuable asset to ensure compliance? Join Chiara Regale, SVP of Product and UX for Forward Networks, to explore our integrations with Tenable and Rapid7. The demo will highlight how our solutions deliver complete attack surface visibility that empowers SecOps teams to proactively identify impacted hosts with critical vulnerabilities accessible from the Internet or other critical exposure points within seconds.

Thursday, February 8 at 11:50 a.m. - 12:10 p.m. CET

Partner Theater

When you think of Cisco Live Las Vegas, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it s'mores, camping, and kayaking? It is for us, which is why we invite you to take some time from the hustle and bustle of the show to relax with us. 

Forward Networks is the only platform that prevents network fires by giving you all the data you need to ensure your network stays in policy and behaves exactly as expected. It takes a lot of stress off of Network Architects and has helped global companies retake control of their hybrid, multi-cloud environments.   

Stop by our tent and talk with one of our technical experts about your worst network challenges, and we’ll work through exactly how to solve it. While you’re in the booth, register to win a YETI cooler and Fuse mountain bike. 

We have lots going on at the show and look forward to seeing you there! 


1:1 Technical Sessions  

Share your networking goals and challenges with one of our field engineers, and we'll provide custom recommendations that address your security, cloud, and network operations challenges. By attending a session, you'll also be entered into an exclusive drawing for an Oru Kayak. If you aren't able to attend Cisco Live but use the link below to schedule an online session, you'll still be entered in the drawing. 

Request a Meeting and Enter to Win a Kayak 

Monday, June 5 

Speaking Session 12:00 - 12:30 p.m. 

Join cofounder and CTO, Brandon Heller, to learn how to “Tame your Beast” – Top 5 Network Issues That a Digital Twin Can Solve in Under a Week.  

If your network beast includes hardware and software from dozens of vendors, spread across multiple data centers and clouds, and runs mission-critical applications with challenging security requirements… then join this 30-minute session featuring real-life examples from large, “beastly” enterprise networks that found a path to reliability, agility, and security. 

Tuesday, June 6 

Speaking Session 12:10 - 12:20 p.m. 

Join cofounder, Nikhil Handigol to learn how to Supercharge your SecOps with Data Insight.  

Join this 10-minute session for lightning demos of two of the best security features of Forward Enterprise that have transformed Vulnerability Management and Incident Management for our customers. Nikhil will explain how a mathematical model, or “digital twin,” of your network enables SecOps teams to prioritize vulnerabilities and respond to security incidents faster and with greater accuracy.  

Back in October, our co-founder Nikhil Handigol presented at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) meeting in New York on how Forward Enterprise helps accelerate and de-risk network operations.

ONUG was created in early 2012 by Nick Lippis, of the Lippis Report, and Ernest Lefner (pictured below, right, with representatives from Forward Networks), formerly of Fidelity Investments to address the need for a smaller, more user-focused open networking conference. The ONUG semiannual conferences reflect the work being done in working groups throughout the year to drive standards, interoperability and innovation. The conferences include sessions from IT business leaders, updates from the Working Group Initiative members, hands-on tutorials, interactive labs, real world use cases, proof of concept demonstrations, and a vendor technology showcase.

As Nikhil mentions, he is currently on the Monitoring and Analytics working group. In Nikhil's presentation, he describes the primary functional areas of Forward Enterprise: Search, Verify and Predict. The Search capability is a powerful query engine to search for network attributes, state and configuration details across the entire network. It goes well beyond the ability to search box-by-box, but can search on end-to-end network behavior, such as identifying all the possible paths between a source and a destination, including filtering traffic by a variety of attributes or results. Forward Verify can test all of your network requirements and policies to determine whether the current network design and configurations could potentially result in a policy violation. Forward Predict allows changes to network device configurations to be tested in a safe sandbox environment away from the live network, and to reverify if network policies are either repaired and or if changes introduced new violations.

Organizations can now analyze and verify if their network implementation is currently aligned with their network intent, i.e., the sum of all policies and compliance requirements that are generally articulated and represented at a higher, more abstract level than networking and security protocols and box configurations.

Understanding, modeling and verifying network intent is generally thought to be the first step towards intent-based networking, which Gartner describes as the "next big thing". After watching Nikhil's presentation, learn more about how Forward Networks can help your organization along the path to intent-based networking at

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