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Forward Enterprise Also Wins Silver Globee® Disruptor Award in the Cybersecurity Cloud/SaaS Category

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Forward Networks continues to gain recognition as an industry leader for its network digital twin technology. Recently, Forward Enterprise was named the Best SaaS Solution by the 2023 Cloud Security Awards and won a Silver Globee® Disruptor Award in the Cybersecurity Cloud/SaaS category.

Forward is revolutionizing the way large networks are managed and secured by providing accessible and insightful data that puts people back in control of the network. Through its advanced software that delivers a digital twin of the network, network operators can visualize the network, confirm policy compliance, verify security posture and simplify network management.

"Security teams are hindered by a lack of visibility into network topology, exposure and behavior, which is forcing them to manually stitch together data from multiple tools as they look to limit exposure - this is an ineffective approach to a mission-critical problem," said David Erickson, CEO and co-founder, Forward Networks. "We continue to gain momentum as CISOs recognize the imperative need for network visibility and actionable insights that empower their teams to be more proactive about protecting their data, and that's just a sliver of the benefits our digital twin technology delivers."

By collecting, parsing and analyzing information on all devices in the network and their behavior, Forward creates an always-current single source of truth that provides security professionals insight into network topology, configuration and behavior. This information takes the pain out of critical but tedious and time-consuming tasks like identifying and remediating CVEs that impact the network, determining the blast radius of a compromised host, understanding endpoint vulnerabilities and proving the security policy is being enforced. Forward's platform supports devices from all major networking vendors and cloud operators, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

For more information on the benefits of Forward's network digital twin technology, visit:

About Forward Networks
Forward Networks is revolutionizing the way large networks are managed. Forward's advanced software delivers a digital twin of the network, enabling network operators to ensure that the network is secure, reliable, and agile. The platform supports devices from all major networking vendors and cloud operators, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Forward Networks was founded in 2013 by four Stanford Ph.D. graduates and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Investors include MSD Partners, Goldman Sachs, Andreessen Horowitz, Threshold Ventures, Section 32, Omega Venture Partners, and A. Capital. For more information, visit


The Globee Awards for Disruptors recognizes and celebrates organizations and individuals who have significantly contributed to disruptive innovation across various industries. These awards acknowledge the trailblazers who have challenged the status quo, introduced groundbreaking ideas, and transformed traditional practices through their disruptive approaches.  

Forward Networks was honored because: 

Because the tools network and security operations use to validate connectivity and security for on-premises networking are entirely different from those used for the cloud, it’s nearly impossible for teams to verify that the security policy is being enforced on-prem and throughout the multi-cloud environment.  

Deploying traditional security controls is ineffective in the cloud since defensible perimeters are erased, component virtualization and decentralization obscures visibility, and automated configuration tools are required at scale. 

Using read-only permissions, Forward Enterprise collects config and state data from all on-premises devices, such as routers, switches, and firewalls. The SaaS platform uses publicly available APIs to gather similar read-only information from public cloud accounts to create a digital network twin encompassing physical, virtual, and cloud estates. This information is presented in an integrated (and vendor-agnostic) way, enabling engineers to verify compliance throughout the estate. Anytime a non-compliant change is detected within the cloud estate, the appropriate teams will receive specific, actionable information about which instantiation is non-compliant and why, enabling rapid resolution.  

Unique Cloud Security Features within Forward Enterprise: 

Single source of truth.

Networking, security, and cloud professionals can work from a consistent, always up-to-date set of facts when troubleshooting or verifying network behaviors, drastically reducing MTTR. 

Verification that cloud security posture complies with corporate policy.  

Users gain unprecedented access to behavioral data to hasten troubleshooting, prevent incidents, and deliver timely alerts any time a cloud configuration is outside of policy. Timely alerts enable teams to quickly remediate issues and limit risk. 

Secure, automated application provisioning in the cloud.  

Organizations can ensure that the connectivity configurations of new applications adhere to corporate governance policies. Eliminating manual policy checks streamlines the process, so applications can be launched with greater confidence and speed, and companies can recognize revenue on new offerings more quickly.  

Hop by hop visibility.  

Forward computes all possible traffic flows and provides detailed insight into how on-premises devices and cloud elements transform and direct traffic.  

Search capabilities across the entire estate. 

Forward performs complete end-to-end path analyses across the network for both on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Users can locate devices and access detailed information on their location, configuration, and state in milliseconds. 

Learn more about Forward Enterprise Cloud Security by reading the use case or requesting a demo.

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