By Fabrizio Maccioni, Director of Technical Marketing, Forward Networks

Closed loop verification may be the answer to the threats and vulnerabilities that plague network automation. Fabrizio Maccioni, director of technical marketing at Forward Networks, takes a closer look at how your network automation journey risks could be tackled better with closed loop verification.

Not too long ago, IT professionals physically connected to network devices for upgrades and changes. Imagine trying to physically go to every device on your network, plug in and manually push an update. It’s obviously an impractical and unaffordable proposition that would require a veritable army of IT professionals and weeks, especially for organizations with data centers spread around the globe. Undoubtedly devices would be missed, and other mistakes would be made, increasing the risk of outages or vulnerabilities...


By Chiara Regale, VP of Product, Forward Networks

If you’ve been in the technology industry for even a short time, you understand that the predominant characteristic of the sector is change. Chiara Regale, VP of product and UX at Forward Networks, discusses how companies can regain control of their networks amidst continuous change and how to choose the right network twin on the journey.

Often, what is marketed as innovation is merely change for the sake of itself. New technologies and solutions that solve challenges and deliver value are the only forms of meaningful innovation. Digital twin technology is a prime example, as it provides the data and controls to put people back in charge of the network. For some, the phrase is a buzzword; for those who implement it, it’s become the most valuable tool in their arsenal...


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