Search and Analyze Paths in Your Network

  • Index your network like Google indexes the web
  • Search network behavior, configuration and state per device and network-wide
  • See an always up-to-date view of your network topology and inventory
  • View what has changed between any two points in time

Verify Correctness of Network Policies

  • Validate network intent, connectivity, and security policy compliance
  • Validate the hygiene of your network configuration using predefined checks
  • Continuously audit your network, receiving alerts for non-compliance
  • Diagnose and correct failed policy checks

Predict Problems Before They Occur

  • Predict the outcome of network configuration changes on a safe software copy of your network
  • Proactively identify potential connectivity and security policy violations
  • Accelerate your workflow by getting fast access to the outcomes of candidate configuration changes

Extend Verification to Hybrid Clouds

  • Analyze paths through cloud providers
  • Gain visibility and control over public cloud networking
  • Simplify hybrid cloud management
  • Consistent policy verification across on-prem and cloud

Deployment Flexibility


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  • Keep total control of the Forward Platform in your own environment
  • Secure hosting with automatic updates and near-zero resource requirements