Mathematically-accurate network modeling

Mathematics isn't about numbers. 
It's about understanding.

Manually verifying network configurations is tedious, time-intensive and expensive for large enterprises with thousands of multi-vendor devices.

Using Forward Enterprise's mathematical model of the entire network, operators can perform comprehensive and definitive analysis of network implementations and behavior.

No other network verification software has a mathematical model, and only Forward Enterprise provides a scalable and accurate digital twin for today's complex heterogeneous networks.

Using our intuitive GUI, users can utilize apps like Network Query Engine, Advanced Path Analysis, and scalable APIs.

Key features with math at the core

It's the mathematical model at the core of Forward Enterprise that enables full-scalability and multi-vendor coverage.

To learn how verification can be used in key IT processes and workflows, why a mathematical model is required and how it works, as well as example use cases from the Forward Enterprise platform, read our whitepaper Why Network Verification Requires a Mathematical Model or simply request your own demo below.
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Forward Networks on laptop

Network Map vs. Mathematical Model

Leave your network mapping software in the past. 
Move to the future of networking: a mathematically-accurate digital twin of your entire network.

Take advantage of our limited-time-offer and switch from your network map to a network model for a year, at no additional cost.

Forward Networks

Mathematically-accurate network modeling trusted by the world's largest networks.
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