Next-Generation Network Management Solutions

As networks increase in scale and complexity, traditional network management solutions and processes have proven to be inadequate and a drain on network IT resources. Cloud-scale architectures and virtualization have led to a new generation of network management tools, including automated network management software such as software-defined networking (SDN).

Now, a new focus is emerging towards intent-based networking which promises to unleash a range of new network management solutions. Forward Networks, a leader in this space, is a network software company that ensures network configurations are aligned with intended network behavior, network policies and network intent.

Network Configuration Management Software to Align with Intent

Forward Networks is the first network software company to accurately build a software model of complex networks that is behaviorally accurate. Meaning that we can model the behavior of your network based on our mathematical model of your network device configurations. By analyzing network configurations, coupled with a powerful search and query capability, it quickly becomes second nature for IT and network administrators to verify if their network configurations accurately reflect their network policies and intent.

Forward Enterprise, our network management software solution, pulls configuration and state information from each network device to build an accurate model. The entire platform acts as a network configuration management system by always reporting on current configuration, while identifying problem areas, misconfigurations, and policy violations.

Accelerating Network Change Management

One of the primary drivers for adopting Forward Enterprise is its effectiveness as a network change management tool. Our software model and platform provide a sophisticated test-bed to identify and evaluate change requirements without impacting the live network. We accelerate change windows by ensuring that your updates and remediation will not violate any network policies or break any legacy applications. Push your changes live with confidence and sleep better at night!

And rest assured that you will always have up-to-date documentation on your current network configurations when it comes time to audit network policies. Easy to search and query to assure compliance. Forward Networks is the next-generation management software  and network configuration solution that represents the first step towards intent-based networking.

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Forward Enterprise consists of three main components: Forward SearchPredict and Verify. These applications accelerate network operations for critical sections of network change management, reduce the overhead and expertise required to maintain network policies, and identify hidden errors in network and security device configurations. Find out why these network management tools are replacing traditional box-by-box management approaches to accelerate configuration management and change windows at leading organizations in financial services, telecommunication carriers, health care, retail and manufacturing sectors. A REST-compliant API from the Forward Platform allows organizations to incorporate the network management software model into other applications, user interfaces and home-grown management tools.


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