Forward Essentials

Map your network

Forward Essentials collects and organizes data about your network automatically producing an always up-to-date topology and inventory. Configuration and state data is searchable network-wide across all your devices.

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Automated network mapping

Network topology diagrams are always up-to-date—no need to manually update static diagrams.

Device inventory tracking and reporting

Access an inventory of your hardware and software. Track vendors, platforms, and software versions for immediate insights into your infrastructure.

Network-wide search

Search configuration files across all devices, including switches, firewalls, routers and load balancers.

Change-management tracking

Compare topology and configurations between snapshots from any two points in time to quickly identify what has changed in your network.

All for free

Get all of these features with unlimited data collection, unlimited devices, one year of data retention, and email support all for free. Need additional functionality? Explore our enterprise product.

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