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Attack Surface Management

Speed remediation with Blast Radius Identification—detailed information on all devices connected to a compromised host, in a single intuitive interface
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Vulnerability Management

Proactively identify devices with CVE vulnerabilities across your global network. Prioritize remediation based on severity and configured features
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Security Posture Management

Validate that global network security posture complies with zero trust design goals for multi-cloud and on-premises networks
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Attack Surface Management

Common vulnerability and exposture mitigation

Forward Enterprise's Blast Radius feature is an 'easy button' that allows users to localize a compromised host and analyze its network reachability to potential target in minutes. Don't waste time and money countering cyber attacks, use Forward Enterprise.
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animated blast radius
Quickly understand exposure in the event of a compromised host in network environments. Forward provides network security teams with the same searchable and actionable information about network topology through an interface that’s quick and easy to navigate, highly visual, and capable of delivering immediate, detailed results. 
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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Analysis with Forward Enterprise

Forward Enterprise provides a vulnerability analysis of network devices that automatically compares the CVE information from the NIST database with the OS version running on the devices. The enhanced analysis helps prioritize remediation efforts by reducing the likelihood that unimpacted devices are reported as vulnerable.
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Using information from the NIST National Vulnerability Database and the specific device and configuration data collected from your network, Forward Enterprise automatically analyzes your network for vulnerabilities and presents information in an actionable format.

Our API integration with ServiceNow can automatically generate tickets automating the entire process; and Splunk API integration makes it easy to visualize and understand the information using assistance checks.
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Security Posture Management

Implement and audit zero trust across your entire network 

Forward Enterprise helps security operations professionals verify and validate their zero trust architecture. Through visualization of east-west traffic flows, an endpoint-to-endpoint connectivity analysis matrix, and timely non-compliance alerts, the platform helps engineers refine and prove the strength of their zero trust implementation.
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Knowing which devices and applications can communicate with one another is foundational to security — yet most teams work from out-of-date spreadsheets and tribal knowledge to make this critical determination.

By correlating routing information and security policies, Forward Enterprise offers an always current zone-to-zone connectivity matrix. Security operations professionals now have full confidence of zone-to-zone connectivity posture.
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Solving ACL problems

Problems managing your enterprise network ACLs? Think there's no way around it? Think again!
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Zero trust, but verify

Enhance and prove your zero trust posture;  full network topology including device state and configuration.
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Extending zero trust 
to the cloud

See topology and hop-by-hop traffic, and verify zone-to-zone security policy compliance, on-prem and in the cloud
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Network intelligence
and security assurance

Unparalleled end-to-end path analysis
Identify Log4Shell Exposure In Seconds 
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Automated Secure Application Provisioning
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Siloed and Poorly Integrated Systems Continue to Undermine Network Security
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Multiple Challenges Underline Need for Increased Visibility and Verification for Executives
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You can't secure what you can't see

Complete flow analysis —
 infrastructure, security policy, and web application flow in a single stream

Data calls and audits— now a (painful) memory

Using regularly scheduled collections and snapshots, Forward Enterprise delivers an always-on audit. Security Operations professionals no longer need to work the phones and email to gather the evidence needed to respond to an audit. The platform immediately serves up historical configuration and state information. Forward Enterprise's diffs feature identifies changes, including when they were made and their impact.

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 detection and alerts use case 

Verify your compliance proactively

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Regulatory compliance can cost teams valuable time and money. Forward Enterprise's security posture verification can relieve this burden and prove that your network behavior conforms with corporate policy intent in real-time. 

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