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ONUG 2022 How Goldman Sachs Uses a Digital Twin Platform to Improve Security, Agility & Reliability

The network team at Goldman Sachs has reduced application delivery time to under one hour, successfully scaled their automation stack, and reduced P1 outages by implementing Forward Enterprise across their entire network. Joshua Matheus, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, will detail the pain points that motivated the need for a single source of network truth, describe the process of selecting and implementing a digital twin, and outline the results that his network team has achieved since deployment. Joshua Matheus, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, oversees Network Engineering. Previously, he managed Data Center Networking and Network Security. Prior to that, he managed Network Architecture from 2010 to 2012. Earlier in his career, Josh held roles specializing in electronic trading network systems and market data. Josh joined Goldman Sachs in 2000 as an associate in Network Engineering in Investment Banking Division Technology. He was named managing director in 2017.

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ONUG 2022 How S&P Global Introduced Digital Twin Technology to Deliver a Seamless Network Experience

Essential Network Intelligence: How S&P Global Introduced Digital Twin Technology to Deliver a Seamless Network Experience to their Developer Ecosystem – Forward Networks Main Stage Keynote Guru Ramamoorthy, VP, Global Head of Network Architecture, Engineering & Operations at S&P Global, explains the business use cases that are driving the need for a multi-cloud network digital twin, and the real-life ROI they have realized since deploying Forward Enterprise. Specific use cases include: efficiently integrating new networks (on-prem and cloud) post-merger, enabling developers to search for network information to make important decisions (similar to Google search functionality), and fast-tracking the cloud migration journey. Guruprasad Ramamoorthy is the Global Head of Network Architecture, Engineering & Operations and Site Lead for S&P Global India. He has been with the company since 2017 and is a hands-on technology executive with a unique blend of Product Development, Digital Infrastructure, End User Computing, and Cybersecurity experience. Mr. Guruprasad is responsible for plan-build-run functions of our global network that spans 80+ offices, 10+ on-premise Data Centers, and 4+ multi-cloud environments. He also leads various enterprise-wide initiatives to rapidly transform our infrastructure to software-defined, re-imagine the edge and strengthen cybersecurity. In the last two years, Mr. Guruprasad was responsible for building S&P Global’s Technology center of excellence in India from ground-up while attracting the best talent in the region. The site in India (Hyderabad) accommodates more than 1000 associates and is purpose-built to facilitate innovation by providing employees with access to latest technologies and infrastructure, as well as physical spaces that enable highly collaborative teams. Mr. Guruprasad represents the company’s commitment to develop talent to deliver new insights, accelerate the speed of operations and value delivery for our customers while establishing S&P Global as the most innovative company. To achieve this, he works closely with the global leaders to enable S&P Global’s product and systems with the help of 1000 + technology associates. Mr. Guruprasad has about 18 years of experience. He was previously associated with companies such as Visa, BNY Mellon and Sify Technologies. He completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Madurai Kamaraj University and holds a Bachelor’s in Technology from Anna University.

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Verify Security Posture in Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments | ONUG Fall 2022 Proof of Concept Session

In an era when hybrid multi-cloud environments are the norm, extending the carefully architected network security policies is virtually impossible because IT teams cannot visualize their multi-cloud estate or monitor traffic behavior past the point of egress. Piecing together the cloud security posture requires combining data from multiple siloed applications. In this POC, we will demonstrate how Forward Enterprise makes it easy to prove security posture from on-premises through the cloud. With support for all major cloud providers (Amazon Web Services [AWS], Azure, and Google Cloud Platform [GCP]), Forward Enterprise enables IT engineers to:

  • Visualize topology from a global level down to device detail
  • Perform hop-by-hop traffic analysis for on-prem, on-prem to cloud, and cloud-to-cloud; all in a single view
  • Verify zone-to-zone security policy compliance, on-prem and in the cloud
  • Prove compliance in the cloud
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