Every Forward Networks installation starts with data collection. Configuration and states are collected securely from all network devices via SSH, by issuing a series of CLI commands.

Collections can be scheduled, triggered via API, or issued on-demand via the user interface. This powerful network mapping software and network topology tool also helps generate up-to-date configuration and topology diagrams for audit and compliance initiatives.

Forward Platform

The device data is then processed to create a behaviorally accurate model – a copy of the entire network, in software. Atop the network copy, the Forward Platform traces, indexes, and stores all possible ways that the network can process packets. This behavioral data is then made available to applications.


Applications today include: Forward Search – instant access to questions about network behavior with an advanced path analysis, Forward Verify – continuously verify that business-critical network connectivity and security policies are enforced, and Forward Predict – predict the precise outcomes of proposed changes to your network without touching production.

Forward Products

Forward Essentials

  • Modern, web-based, easy-to-use interface with
    • Instant search of state and configuration across switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers
    • Automated network diagram tool
    • Network topology and mapping software
    • Inventory reporting and management
    • Diff capability for change management

Cloud Offering

Forward Enterprise

  • Forward Search
    • All Forward Essentials functionality
    • A powerful path analysis capability highlights network behaviors across heterogeneous environments, including firewalls and load balancers
  • Forward Verify
    • A fast interface validates network intent, network connectivity, and security policy correctness
    • A built-in library validates the hygiene of your network configuration using predefined checks
  • Forward Predict
    • A sandbox environment that predicts the outcome of network configuration changes on a safe software copy of your network

Cloud and On-premises Offering

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