Tech Bytes: Network Verification – Smarter Network Ops With Forward Networks (Sponsored)

Welcome to Tech Bytes. Today we explore network verification, including how it differs from traditional network monitoring techniques, as well as its applications for troubleshooting, design, change management, and more. Forward Networks is our sponsor.

Forward Networks builds a real-time software model of your data center network that you can use to verify intent, test changes, and speed troubleshooting. Our guest is Nikhil Handigol, co-founder of Forward, and we’re going to talk about the state of network verification and where the technology is heading.

We discuss:

- How Forward Networks emulates the actual behavior of your network
- Practical applications of network verification, including search, testing changes, and verification
- Forward’s Network Query engine
- How verification relates to Intent-Based Networking
- More

Read the latest about Forward on our blog

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