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Digital Twin, NetOps, Technology, Path Verification and Analysis

Why Network Verification Requires a Mathematical Model

Network verification is a rapidly emerging technology that is a key part of digital twin technology. Full feature verification solutions require an underlying mathematical model of network behavior to analyze and reason about policy objectives...

Network Query Engine, NetOps, Path Verification and Analysis, Workflow Automation and Integration

The Value of NQE

The Network Query Engine (NQE) feature that’s included in the Forward Enterprise platform from Forward Networks is a powerful tool for uncovering your network data gold, so you can use it to your advantage. It’s...

Compliance and Audit, Continuous Security Audit, Federal

Use a Digital Twin For Impeccable Cyber Command Readiness Inspections

Forward Enterprise expedites validating DoD Standard compliance, identifying vulnerabilities on unclassified internet protocol routers (NIPRNET) and secret internet protocol routers (SIPRNET), assessing situational awareness of cyber security posture, and ensuring agencies’ ability to protect against...

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