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Every industry and every IT team can benefit from a single source of truth for the network, the world's most advanced network digital twin, Forward Enterprise
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Network Security

Attack Surface Management: Speed remediation with Blast Radius Identification—detailed information on all devices connected to a compromised host, in a single intuitive interface
Vulnerability Management: Proactively identify devices with CVE vulnerabilities across your global network. Prioritize remediation based on severity and configured features
Security Posture Management: Validate that global network security posture complies with zero trust design goals for multi-cloud and on-premises networks
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Multi-cloud Networking

End-to-End Visibility: Analyze multi-cloud behavior in a single console
Service Assurance: Know your multi-cloud environment is behaving as intended
Continuous Multi-Cloud Security Audit: Ensure your multi-cloud environment is in compliance
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Network Operations

Path Verification/Analysis: Knowing every possible path a packet can take means network teams save time on menial tasks.
Outage Prevention: Proactively verify that your network behavior matches your intent. Intent checks prevent outages before they happen. 
Troubleshooting: Give your most junior engineers troubleshooting superpower. Network Query Engine allows Instant searchable access to all global network information
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Universal IT

Workflow Automation: Improve workflow efficiency with ServiceNow Integrations
Inventory Management: Know exactly what’s in your network for accurate support contracts and EOL management
Automated Compliance/Audit: Custom verification checks alert anytime the network is out of compliance; snapshots provide proof of compliance over time
Change Management: Expedite change maintenance windows while preventing business disruption
Industry Solutions

Mission-critical networks in every industry trust Forward Networks

Financial Services
Banks and financial institutions are subject to various network audits and security assessments to ensure the protection of sensitive financial data. Forward Enterprise eases the burden of vulnerability assessments, compliance audits, and ITGC audits experienced by financial services companies. 

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Service Providers
Service provider networks are challenged to maintain high availability and consistent network services to their customers and consumers. Highly visible service outages can result in revenue losses and brand damage. Whether it's security or audit compliance, Forward Enterprise helps keep service providers in control of their networks.
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Media + Entertainment
Global media and entertainment companies have the unique challenge of maintaining robust and scalable IT infrastructure during multiple mergers and acquisitions. Network modeling through Forward Enterprise allows the full network visibility that is key to managing hybrid multi-cloud global networks. 
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Federal Agencies
Federal agencies' global networks face a range of unique challenges, not only for network security teams but cloud and operations as well. Defending against cyberattacks, operating within budget constraints, negotiating legacy systems, and navigating stringent compliance regulations can all be alleviated with network digital twin technology.

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Oil and gas networks encounter unique network challenges due to the nature of their operations. Remote and distributed workforces, security concerns,  budget constraints, and immense data volume can quickly overwhelm globally dispersed teams. Forward Enterprise allows path analysis, end-to-end visibility, and lighting-fast troubleshooting to keep energy networks running on all cylinders. 
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Commercial airlines and cruise lines' networks are under immense public scrutiny to remain highly available. Ensuring passenger safety and satisfaction is directly connected to proper security posture management and regulatory compliance. Forward Enterprise's digital twin technology strengthens security posture and attack surface management, and custom verification checks alert anytime the network is out of compliance.
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