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Forward Enterprise

Technical Data Sheet

The network digital twin software trusted by Fortune 500 companies to keep their network secure and reliable

Tame Your Network with the World’s Leading Network Digital Twin

Enterprise networks are comprised of tens of thousands of devices running billions of lines of configuration from dozens of hardware and cloud vendors. Their complexity is beyond human comprehension. Forward Enterprise solves this by creating a mathematically accurate digital representation of the network called a digital twin. The digital twin analyzes every potential network behavior, tracing all possible traffic paths and creating a database that enables ops teams to query the network to receive current, easy-to-understand, actionable, and vendor-agnostic data. Using this platform, network administrators and security engineers can:

• Ensure compliance, protect the security posture, and streamline vulnerability management

• Manage their entire muti-cloud network in a single screen with the ability to view the global topology or drill down into a single instance or device

• Prevent outages and reduce MTTR

Forward Enterprise Supports

30 device vendors
35 operating systems and >900
3 public clouds
API integration with ServiceNow,
Ansible, Tenable, Rapid7, Arista, Slack,Teams, Itential
Scales to over 50,000 devices in a single instance

Supports everything you have now and in the future...


28+ Vendors | 35+ Operating Systems 3 Clouds | 900+ OS Versions

MPLS | IPSec Tunnels Segment Routing Policy-Based Routing Multicast FabricPath VRF | VXLAN | GRE IPv6 | ARP | MAC IPv4/v6 Routing | NAT L7 App-ID URL User Group Global scale at 50K devices and beyond!


Global scale at 50K devices and beyond!

Enterprise Ready - Safe to Deploy | Secure data encryption in transit, at rest (SaaS) | On-Prem or SaaS | SSO, LDAP, and TACACS auth support | Uses read-only credentials, no configuration changes | Agentless

Your Perfect Multi-vendor Solution

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