Our customers are seeing dramatic improvements in network availability and agility by deploying Forward Enterprise. Learn how a global payment processor, a media conglomerate, and a large financial services business are realizing the benefits of network verification.

Use Case: App Team Self Service

In most organizations, the deployment of new applications creates significant workload on the network team. Every new application poses some connectivity and security requirements that network teams are not able to verify at the fast pace required by the business.

At a global card payment processor, the network team was required to vet network connectivity requirements in terms of destination IPs, protocols and ports for every new application to roll-out. To accelerate this process, the engineering team…(read the use case: Application Team Self Service)

Use Case: Network Documentation and Visualization

Network engineers and operators often face the problem of maintaining a usable and up-to-date form of network documentation of their networks. The heterogeneity of the networks, the widespread variance of OS versions and the fast pace of network changes make it extremely difficult to have current, accurate network documentation that operators can rely on. As a consequence, they often have to deal with more than one and not always accurate “single source of truth” about the network.

A large media company was previously unable to gather information on device details, configuration, connectivity or on IP localization because there was no single repository for all the network elements. Every time a change was implemented in the network…(read the use case: Network Documentation and Visualization)

Use Case: Network and Configuration Audit

In dynamic, agile network environments, ordinary tasks include updating existing devices and making changes to current configurations. Multiple vendors and diversified networks increase the complexity and the reliability of such changes, making standard configurations harder to enforce. Additionally, every change window can create an opportunity for “configuration drift” from a given desired configuration.

At a large financial services firm, the configuration drifts started to cause network outages. After every change, software or hardware, an army of people was employed to manually verify that the changes were not introducing any error or outage-inducing problem. However…(read the use case: Network and Configuration Audit)