Intent Based Networking by using a Mathematical Model

This presentation will cover the subject of Intent Based Networking (IBN). As operators deal with the expansion and effect of digital transformation, the business needs to ensure services will remain unaffected by design time errors, configuration inconsistencies and churn by establishing a set of high-level policies that describe the overall intent of the global network. Through the implementation of a mathematical model, operators can search, define and explore their network behavior as well as integrate it into their automation workflows for end-to-end analysis.

Meet the Speaker

Patrick Kane, Sales Director, Forward Networks

Patrick Kane is a Sales Director for Forward Networks covering large global accounts in New York and New Jersey. He has more than 25 years of experience in Data Center Networking, Security, and Monitoring. His career spans from large Corporations such as Cisco and Juniper representing entire product portfolios, to early stage Companies positioning very new disruptive technologies that have enabled business continuity, simplified operations, and cost savings. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science degree from St. John’s University.

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