What is a digital twin?

Explore the mathematically-accurate modeling technology at the core of
Forward Enterprise

Network digital twin technology defined

A digital twin is a visual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of your network.

Network digital twin technology defined

A digital twin is a visual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of your network.

What is a Digital Twin?

We use digital twins every day without realizing it.  
For example, Google Maps is a digital twin of the transportation system with all possible paths between destinations and current information on road status (traffic, construction, police, etc.).

On the contrary,  older, less sophisticated GPS applications record the transportation system at a certain point in time and use that dated information to plot routes.

In the same vein, Forward Networks provides a digital twin of the network with all possible packet paths, so you can make decisions with visibility into current conditions, not outdated Visio diagrams.

Who benefits from a digital twin?

Powerful digital twin software enables network, security, and cloud operations teams to troubleshoot issues more quickly and to get ahead of the problem entirely, preventing costly outages.


Brandon Heller, Co-founder and CTO of Forward Networks
Forward Networks Co-Founder and CTO, Brandon Heller, opens the Forward Networks session with an overview of the company and how a Digital Twin can help NetOps teams be more efficient and proactive.


Forward Networks' software-based digital twin provides rapid insights to understand reachability and security. Now any network team can move from reacting to getting ahead.
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    Billions of lines of code.

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Do I need a digital twin?

Enterprise networks are growing more complex than ever, and that creates extra strain on NetOps, SecOps, and Apps teams.
"Network outages are a costly problem for my company."
"I have to manually conduct audits."
"I struggle to prove a zero-trust security posture within my network."
"I don't have single-pane-of-glass visibility in my multi-cloud estate."
"I need to prove my hybrid multi-cloud security posture."
"I struggle to prove network innocence when there is a cloud issue."
Forward's digital twin technology solves all of these challenges and more by collecting configuration and state information on every device in the network to accurately depict and predict behavior. 

Learn more about Forward's best-in-class network modeling trusted by the world's most complex networks. 

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