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Digital Twin Technology Defined

Explore the mathematically-accurate modeling technology at the core of Forward Enterprise
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What is a digital twin?

We use digital twins every day without realizing it.

For example, Google Maps is a digital twin of the transportation system with all possible paths between destinations and current information on road status (traffic, construction, police, etc.).

On the contrary, older, less sophisticated GPS applications record the transportation system at a certain point in time and use that dated information to plot routes.

In the same vein, Forward Networks provides a digital twin of the network with all possible packet paths, so you can make decisions with visibility into current conditions along with historical data, not outdated Visio diagrams.
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Forward Enterprise delivers $14.2M in annual value 
for the average Forward Networks customer

Discover how Forward Enterprise can boost productivity equivalent to 95.8 full-time employees while enhancing network performance
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Who benefits from a digital twin?

Enterprise networks are growing more complex than ever, and that creates extra strain on NetOps, SecOps, and Cloud teams. Poorly integrated networks can create security risks, hamper employees’ efforts to access data, and create friction for customers.
Forward Networks' digital twin use cases solve all of these challenges and more by collecting configuration and state information on every device in the network to accurately depict behavior. Read why Gartner Research names digital twin technology as the emerging technology that will change the way enterprises roll out network changes.

Network Operations

"Network outages are a costly problem for my company."

Cloud Networking

"I need to prove my hybrid multi-cloud security posture"

Network Security

"I struggle to provide zero-trust security posture within my network."
Top 5 Network Issues that a digital twin can solve in under a week.

Top 5 Network Issues That a Digital Twin Can Solve in Under a Week

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Why choose Forward Networks Digital Twin Technology?

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Bring instant value through efficiency

Watch Brandon Heller, Co-founder and CTO of Forward Networks, open with an overview of the company and how a Digital Twin can help NetOps teams be more efficient and proactive.
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Reduce integration risks

Read more about resolving key post-merger integration challenges by placing a network digital twin at the top of your acquisition integration checklist.
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Drive agility, security, and availability

Read why Forward Enterprise's digital twin concept is crucial to the future of complex global networks in this research report from Enterprise Strategy Group.
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Provide rapid insights

Learn about Forward Networks' mathematical model and how our software-based digital twin tech provides rapid insights to understand reachability and security. Now any network team can move from reacting to getting ahead.
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What is the ROI of a Digital Twin?

A recent Uptime Institute study that found human error was the cause for 74% of the most severe network outages. Something as simple as a typo in a configuration can take down mission-critical traffic flows.

That’s why we’ve built intent checks and predict functionality into the Forward Networks Platform. Engineers can use our platform to pinpoint issues before they impact the business.

Try our ROI calculator to realize your potential savings by implementing the Forward Enterprise.


Try our ROI Calculator

Customer Example

7 outages were experienced by a Fortune 500 customer over the past year
Average Outage length was
200 minutes per week
Potential savings = $7,000,000
using a Forward Enterprise digital twin technology
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applied algebra

How does a Network Digital Twin Work?

Forward Enterprise collects the configuration and operational protocol state from every device moving packets in the network.
With this data, our behaviorally-accurate model can determine for any packet that arrives at any port on the device, what it will do with it, and how. Whether it will be forwarded, routed, rewritten, mirrored, dropped, etc.

Building on top of the individual device models, Forward Enterprise analyzes the path that all possible packets, going in all possible ports, can take in your network.

In short, the software can tell you where any packet could *ever* go. The depth and accuracy of our device modeling is unsurpassed in the industry.
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Outages are Expensive and PREVENTABLE

Over 80% of network problems are due to improper configuration and change management.
Average hourly cost
$1M +
Reported hourly cost
"When we evaluated 8 P1 outages, we realized Forward Networks would have prevented or assisted in 7 of them..."
Global Investment Firm
Network Engineer
A single source-of-truth for the average enterprise network's
lines of code
model+firmware combos
weekly changes
Scalability of Digital Twins

How We Process 10^30 Network Traffic Flows

Network digital twins allow operators of large, complex enterprise networks to search and verify their entire network's behavior. It is not a simulation. It is a mathematically accurate model of the network.
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