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The financial return on aligning your team, simplifying troubleshooting, and avoiding outages
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How much are outages costing you?

According to Gartner, the average cost of a network outage is $5,600 per minute. Enterprise network downtime can cost you at least $140,00 per hour, with some companies reporting losses of $540,000 per hour.
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Global Entertainment Company Saves Hundreds of IT Hours Every Year with
Forward Networks

Read how a Fortune 100 company increases overall efficiency and continuously ensures policy compliance with Forward Enterprise.
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What's in your network?

A Fortune 500 enterprise company has on average: 
network devices
3 billion
lines of code
model + firmware 
changes per week
"Our network is so complex that no one person could understand 
it until we installed Forward Networks. Now everyone does." 
Michael Wynston
Director of Network Architecture + Automation @ Fiserv
With Forward, users get an always accurate, single-pane view of network topology for on-prem, and in the cloud. The Verify feature enables users to continuously audit the network and receive actionable alerts for noncompliance. Using Forward Enterprise's Network Query Engine feature, network operators can quickly search the network like a database. The network digital twin acts as a sandbox, so users can test configurations and determine their impact on traffic flow before pushing them live. 

Reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

One of our customers, a Fortune 50 media company, reduced their MTTR by 80% using Forward Networks search functionality.
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Fiserv: Saved 7 Figures in Support Costs

By creating a searchable and easy-to-understand single source of truth for network inventory, Michael Wynston answers questions about his network with mathematical certainty, has more confidence in automation efforts, and provides a way for him to plan what he wants his network to accomplish.
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