July 25, 2019

Focus on High-Level Policy Requirements to Accelerate Network Processes for DevOps

Network operations traditionally has been the missing piece in DevOps processes. It’s not difficult to see why. Network management has lagged behind server and workload automation. Updating network policies and configurations typically requires a great deal of analysis, testing and time, undermining the goal of DevOps agility. But once we shift how network devices are administered and how changes are validated, there are emerging ways to incorporate network updates and policies into DevNetOps processes through automation.

Shift the Focus to Policies, Not Configurations

DevOps has taken off, thanks in part to the ability of virtual networking and software defined networks (SDN) to automate the placement of workloads, establish connectivity and deliver Layer 4 to 7 services in a few minutes. But virtually all network policy updates, particularly those addressed in the underlay, were constrained by having to reconfigure individual network devices through traditional management platforms or command line interfaces (CLI). New application deployments may require new network paths, access to cloud resources, punching holes in firewalls, etc. There was no way to automate these policy-related tasks through existing network management platforms, and DevOps processes were limited to simple changes that could be made in the overlay network. [READ ARTICLE on DEVOPS.COM]

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November 10, 2022
Why You Should Care About Vendor Hack Weeks

Hack weeks and hack-a-thons are like foosball tables; if you don’t have them, are you even a tech company? These events, once revered for innovation, are now relegated to being blasé and often perceived as little more than playtime for engineers. As someone who’s worked in tech for longer than I care to admit, I […]

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October 13, 2022
How do you know a software rep is lying?

A customer posed this question to me recently; after pausing and smiling (a little too) broadly, he continued, “Their lips are moving.” I thought this would be funnier if it weren’t partly true. The software industry has over-promised and under-delivered for years, making technical executives rightfully skeptical when they hear a new promise. Unfortunately, it’s […]

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September 20, 2022
When is a Digital Twin Entertaining?

When it’s ensuring that tens of thousands of visitors have the best experience possible every single day. Keeping people entertained is a 24/7 endeavor, even the smallest hiccup results in a social media firestorm. Keeping things running requires thousands of dedicated employees and a staggeringly complex network that sprawls the area of a major city […]

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