July 25, 2019

Focus on High-Level Policy Requirements to Accelerate Network Processes for DevOps

Network operations traditionally has been the missing piece in DevOps processes. It’s not difficult to see why. Network management has lagged behind server and workload automation. Updating network policies and configurations typically requires a great deal of analysis, testing and time, undermining the goal of DevOps agility. But once we shift how network devices are administered and how changes are validated, there are emerging ways to incorporate network updates and policies into DevNetOps processes through automation.

Shift the Focus to Policies, Not Configurations

DevOps has taken off, thanks in part to the ability of virtual networking and software defined networks (SDN) to automate the placement of workloads, establish connectivity and deliver Layer 4 to 7 services in a few minutes. But virtually all network policy updates, particularly those addressed in the underlay, were constrained by having to reconfigure individual network devices through traditional management platforms or command line interfaces (CLI). New application deployments may require new network paths, access to cloud resources, punching holes in firewalls, etc. There was no way to automate these policy-related tasks through existing network management platforms, and DevOps processes were limited to simple changes that could be made in the overlay network. [READ ARTICLE on DEVOPS.COM]

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September 13, 2023
A Financial Services Company Saved “7 Figures” By Improving Network Inventory Management

Everyone knows inventory management is important – but so are the 100+ other things we need to do, and let’s face it, the inventory is not on fire. Given the benefits one customer experienced, maybe it should be.   On September 14, at 2:00pm Eastern time, we’re hosting a webinar, featuring special guests, Michael Wynston, Director of Network Architecture and […]

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September 7, 2023
What’s worse than a toothache?

For me, I’d have to say it’s sitting through a high-pressure demo with a sales guy who needs to close business. Given the choice, I’ll take the dentist office visit anytime, at least they give you meds! We realize that sales demos aren’t always pleasant. And while we strive to create a comfortable environment for […]

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August 23, 2023
How do you Monitor and Manage a Network Without Borders?

There are only two options for managing a global multi-cloud network: either by using a combination of inference, hope, and intuition or with mathematical certainty. When conducting 5 million financial transactions daily, it’s essential to operate with certainty, regardless of your network’s size or geographical distribution. Auditors don’t accept inferences; they demand certainty when determining […]

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