Software Support Services

Support Services Overview:
Forward Networks currently offers a single, inclusive level of technical support. This offering is known as “Standard Support”, which is described below. This offering is included with all Forward Networks Software subscriptions and terminates upon expiry of the applicable Subscription Term. Additional professional services may be purchased for a fee as outlined below.
Standard Support:
Standard Support provides access to our technical support organization via the Forward Networks Customer Success Center (“CSC”). The CSC is accessed via the help & support link while logged into the Forward Networks Software dashboard or via telephone. The CSC is the point of access for self-service technical support.
Forward Networks’ service hours are from 9am to 5pm, Pacific Time, excluding U.S. public holidays. Target response times are indicated according to the priority level of reported problems indicated in the priority and target response time matrix below.
Forward Networks Customer Success Resources:
During a support request, you may interact with CSC representatives operating in one or more of these roles:
Customer Success Team - This is your primary point of contact with Forward Networks for all technical support issues, including the management of Customer’s case inquiries through to resolution. The customer success team consists of:
Customer Service Representatives - Forward Networks case managers who are able to answer questions regarding product use, service problems, data analysis, and more. CSRs will manage and resolve or escalate Customer’s technical issues.

Technical Support Engineers - Forward Networks engineers who provide basic to advanced technical support, and work with the Customer Service Representatives to investigate complex issues. TSEs will manage and resolve or escalate Customer’s advanced technical issues.

Product Engineering Support - For product-related support issues, if the prior layers of technical support are unable to resolve an issue, the case will be escalated to the Forward Networks product engineering support team, which includes product developers and engineers who form parts of the core technology team within Forward Networks.

Professional Services Consultant - Available as a premium service offering, the professional services consultant assists in the definition of tests and implementation of API-based queries outside the normal scope of technical support. Engagement of a professional services consultant is done via a separate Order Form.

The CSC is comprised of a team that works in cross-functional roles.  CSC representatives may operate in one or more customer success roles during the course of resolution of Customer-reported issues.
Contacting and Working with the Forward Networks Customer Success Team:
Reporting a Problem - You may use one of the following methods to report a support issue:
  • Online – at the CSC which is accessible through the help & support link when logged into the Software dashboard.
  • Via Email – send an email to, including the information requested below. Customer’s email will be routed to Forward Networks’ support system and the request will be assigned a case ID.
  • Via Telephone – contact Forward Networks CSC via phone at +1 (844) 393-6389.
  • In addition to online and email reports, urgent (Priority 1) inquiries should also be reported by telephone to ensure the quickest response.
Case Notification:
You will receive an automated notification immediately following a case creation activity. The notification will include the case ID, a summary of the inquiry and the priority level that we have assigned. Case notification will always be done via email, to the email address of your contact who created the case.
Initial contact from the representative handling your case will be made in accordance with the priority and target response time matrix below.
Required Customer Information:
If Customer is reporting a new issue, the following will be required:
Account name or the username you use to access the Forward Networks Software dashboard. This information is automatically populated for Customers connecting to the CSC from the dashboard.
The results of any troubleshooting measures that may have been already undertaken, and a list of steps that can be followed to reproduce the issue.
As many other details about the issue as possible, including any co-existing issues and any recent updates or changes that may have been made to the network topology or infrastructure.  Details such as system logs, or device configuration and state may be required to investigate and resolve the issue.
For subsequent communications about existing cases, you should be prepared to provide:
Any previously assigned case IDs and priority level.
Any additional details about the issue since the last contact with the CSC.
Priority Level Criteria Target Response Times:
During case creation, Customer will assign a priority level, based on the criteria described in the matrix below. Forward Networks will respond to Customer inquiries within specified targets based on the mutually agreed priority of the reported issue according to the matrix.
Priority Priority Level Criteria Response Targets

Priority 3
A feature of the Software is not functioning correctly but does not impact data quality or access.  This includes requests for general information.
2 business days

Priority 2
Service exhibits one or more errors that cause some major features or functions to fail to conform to their documentation, without rendering such features or functions completely unusable. This includes scripting and implementation of API-related requests and single-user authentication problems.
8 business hours

Priority 1
Service exhibits one or more errors that cause it to lock up and completely fail to operate. Normal business cannot function. There is no workaround available.
4 business hours
Case Resolution:
A case will be closed when Customer’s problem is resolved. A resolution is typically one of the following: an answer to the question, a suggestion on how to perform a particular task which resolves the issue in your environment, an acceptable workaround to a Software issue, or a fix which resolves the issue in your environment. You will be notified of case closures, and this closure notification will always be done via email, to the email address on record.
A case can be re-opened at any time at your request if further investigation is required.
New Device Support:
We will work with you to roadmap new devices to be supported by the Software; however, Forward Networks does not guarantee support for all device requests.  Standard device modeling and support requires approximately ninety (90) days from the receipt of a new device by Forward Networks. We may provide you with the option to accelerate new device support services for an additional fee.
Exclusions from Support:
Software Support Services do not cover (and we are not responsible for) issues arising from: (i) Customer’s equipment, software, network connections or other infrastructure; (ii) use of the Software by Customer in a manner not consistent with the Software documentation, (iii) modifications to the Software by any party other than Forward Networks, (iv) third party acts or systems or (v) general Internet problems, force majeure events (as described in the CLA), or other factors outside of our reasonable control.
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