GigaOm Radar for Network Validation

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GigaOm Radar for Network Validation
According to GigaOm, even though many enterprise IT shops are approaching network verification manually, doing so is “error-prone, operationally tedious, and ineffective,” leaving network teams uncertain if the network is in policy and functioning as designed.

Network Verification, one feature of network digital twin technology, eliminates guesswork and streamlines the process. To help IT leaders select and implement the right solution, GigaOm released their network verification Key Criteria and Radar reports.

The Key Criteria report identifies capabilities (table stakes, key criteria, and emerging technology) and evaluation metrics for selecting a network validation solution.

The corresponding Radar report provides an overview of notable network validation vendors and solutions that excel.

As an outperformer in the Network Verification Radar Report,
Forward Networks is pleased to offer both of these reports together, free of charge.
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