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IDC Business Value Solution Brief

Forward Enterprise Delivers $14.2 Million in Annual Value for Average Forward Networks Customer

IDC Business Value Solution Brief Details ROI of Network Performance and Efficiency Gains

Discover how Forward Enterprise can boost productivity equivalent to 95.8 full-time employees while enhancing network performance.
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IDC Report Cover
IDC - The Business Value of Forward Networks

Forward Networks engaged IDC Research to determine the business value of the platform. After interviewing existing customers, they produced the IDC Business Value Solution Brief, The Business Value of Forward Networks, (US52128624, June 2024)

Key Business Benefits:

  • 33% less unplanned downtime occurrences
  • 55% faster to resolve unplanned downtime
  • 71% faster network deployment (HW, SW, and services)
  • 34% more efficient Incident Response and Troubleshooting teams
  • 83% reduction in unplanned downtime productivity loss
  • $14.2M on average in benefits annually
Read the full paper to learn how these benefits are achieved and hear how global enterprises use Forward Networks to improve global IT Operational Efficiency
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