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Forward enterprise feature

Network Query Engine

Search your network like a database using Forward Enterprise's most popular feature

The Value of NQE

Your network is complex and dynamic — and full of risk. It’s also replete with “gold,” aka your network data, which can tell you what those risks are and where they are lurking. That data can also help you understand what’s in your network and whether those objects are operating as they should.
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Your Network Data is Gold — Uncover it Faster with Forward Networks’ NQE

Your network, security, and cloud teams spend a lot of time and energy trying to extract timely insights from your enterprise network data, so your organization stays on top of risks and continually improves network performance. But what if they could quickly search your network environment like a database to better understand everything in it — and whether those objects were operating as they should?
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What is NQE? [5 min]

Users can start querying your network without knowing which vendors are present and search for what you want to report on without worrying about the different ways to capture and parse this information in a multi-vendor environment. This gives the network and security operators access to normalized and structured data that is easy to consume and generate reports on to answer questions that were next to impossible to answer without access to this structured data.

Search Your Network Like a Database [4 min]

The Forward Networks platform lets engineers search their network like a database. Discovering and tracking interesting configuration and state information no longer require complex vendor-specific scripting - the network query engine library makes it easy to write and store custom inquiries in seconds. Watch Technical Solutions Architect Kevin Kuhls build and commit a query in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee. [4:05]

Navigating the NQE Library 
[6 min]

The Network Query Engine Library is a repository of common use cases that solve the most frequent customer issues. Using the library, engineers can select pre-defined queries and instantly audit the network to ensure it's behaving as expected. The Network Query Library allows Foward Enterprise users to easily create and organize collections of 'NQE' queries. Use it to gather insights and create network verification checks.
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