Research, analysis, and multi-media to gain greater understanding of network modeling and digital twin technology.


Why Network Verification Requires a Mathematical Model

Learn how verification can be used in key IT processes and workflows, why a mathematical model is required and how it works; as well as example use cases from the Forward Enterprise platform.
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Foward Networks: The Power of Visibility

This ESG white paper validates the technical and business benefits of Forward Enterprise. According to ESG, Forward Networks allows operations engineers to effectively leverage their data across network, security, and application development teams to deliver a highly available, secure, and agile network environment.
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Search Semantics

The Forward Enterprise Platform collects configuration and state data, parses, normalizes, and builds a mathematical model representation
of enterprise networks. The mathematical model, normalized data model, and raw source are all indexed to provide rapid response to queries.
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SecOps Practitioners: Siloed and Poorly Integrated Systems Continue to Undermine Network Security

In recent research, IDG identified a disconnect between network security practitioners and executives around levels of confidence and priority initiatives. Read the white paper to learn what this means for you and how a single source of network truth can mitigate concerns.
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CISOs and Security Executives: Network Security: Multiple Challenges Underline Need for Increased Visibility and Verification

As an IT leader, you may be surprised to know that your team may be more concerned about the security of your network than you are. Learn what IDG research revealed and how network visibility can improve your security posture.
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Solving the BIG Problems 
in Cloud Computing 

Learn how to combat data egress and increased risk of shadow IT in cloud computing, see survey results on cloud service providers, and learn application delivery strategies for hybrid cloud.
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Ensuring Hybrid and Multicloud Applications
are Reliable and Secure

Learn how to support increasing hybrid multicloud IT architectures, how to ensure correct configuration and overall resiliency, and why cloud provider tools alone are ineffective
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The Value of NQE

Using data from your network’s digital twin can help ease the burden on
and elevate the performance of your network and security teams, and help technology leadership in your organization make more informed decisions that can improve the health, functionality, and security of your enterprise network 
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Use Cases

Automatic Noncompliance Detection and Alerts

The Forward Networks platform enables compliance and security by increasing visibility into the network, enabling continuous monitoring for issues, and breaking down silos across teams — from network operations to security operations to DevOps.
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App Team Self Service

At a global card payment processor, the network team was required to vet network connectivity requirements in terms of destination IPs, protocols and ports for every new application to roll-out. To accelerate this process, the engineering team…
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Network and Configuration Audit

A large media company was previously unable to gather information on device details, configuration, connectivity or on IP localization because there was no single repository for all the network elements. Every time a change was implemented in the network…
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Common Vulnerability and Exposure Mitigation

Learn how the network OS vulnerability mitigation functionality in the Forward Enterprise platform can help your security and network teams collaborate more effectively on CVE alerts.
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Blast Radius Identification

Security teams need access to actionable information about everything in the network—where devices are located, how they interact, and all relevant details about their configuration and state…
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Zone to Zone Matrix

The zone-to-zone connectivity feature in the Forward Enterprise platform can help SecOps determine, at a glance, which zones in the network have full, partial, or no connectivity and whether network policies for security are working as expected.
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Multi-cloud in a Single Pane of Glass

Prove network innocence in seconds, not days. Ensure consistent policy application from on-prem through the cloud. Visualize your global network to a single device configuration with a mouse-click.
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Verify Security Policies in the Cloud

Know with mathematical certainty that your cloud configuration is in compliance with corporate policies
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Automating Security for Cloud Application Provisioning

Teams deploying cloud applications can use the Forward Enterprise platform to conduct custom intent checks that ensure new applications are compliant. 
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Identify Log4Shell Exposure In Seconds 

The Forward Enterprise blast radius feature  provides detailed, actionable data on the exposure created by an infected host so that time isn’t wasted searching for information and the risk of overlooking at-risk devices is virtually eliminated.
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Automated Secure
Application Provisioning

Forward Enterprise helps speed up the deployment of secure apps by automating policy checks and helping teams to pinpoint and quickly remediate issues.

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Avoid Costly Inter-Cloud Routing Mistakes with an Intent Check

A simple intercloud routing error can easily deliver a six-figure surprise. Without proactive checks, IT teams are completely unaware of the issue until the bill arrives...

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Datasheets and Solution Briefs

Forward Enterprise Datasheet

Forward Enterprise intent-based verification can eliminate configuration errors and network outages.

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IPv6 Readiness. Verified.

Forward Enterprise can analyze and visualize IPv6 compliant traffic paths to help network operations teams and administrators ensure the network is IPv6 compliant or indicate any non-compliant traffic flows that require upgrades.
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Arista CloudVision and Forward Networks
Solution Brief

With this CloudVision and Forward Enterprise integration, users get a turn-key network verification platform that fits into any operational workflow.
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Forward Fix Live: Extending Zero Trust in the Cloud

Trying to make sense of your cloud security posture shouldn't mean flipping between multiple screens and inferring how traffic is behaving. Join this live event to see how you can monitor and verify your security posture across multiple clouds on a single screen.
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Secure Budget and Improve IT Effectiveness by Democratizing the Network

Former senior executive, in the Office of Information and Technology at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and Forrester Research analyst discuss Forward's visualization, verification, and prediction capabilities.
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Forward Networks' Mathematical Model

After years of PhD research and commercial development, Forward has delivered a modern approach to enterprise networking — we call it mathematical network modeling. It uses math to accurately represent every possible behavior in your network.
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Forward Fix Live: Solving Your ACL Problems

Problems managing your enterprise network ACLs? Think there's no way around it? Forward has solutions to your ACL conflicts and chaos.

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Forward Fix Live: Network Query Engine

Use the Google-like search features of NQE (Network Query Engine) to shave hours off of troubleshooting and provide unrivaled insight into network behavior. 
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Blast Radius Identification

Learn how Forward Enterprise helps security teams instantly visualize traffic flows of compromised devices to identify and contain the blast radius quickly.  
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Scaling: How We Process 10^30 Network Traffic Flows

At Forward Networks we build digital twins for computer networks. It is not a simulation. It is a mathematically accurate model of their network. We can process networks with more than 45,000 devices on a single box .
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Merged snapshots

Visualizing the detailed topology and device configuration and state information for your entire network is now one click away. Merging the snapshots allows operators to understand packet behavior across multiple networks, visualize physical topology, and investigate logical packet behavior.
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Search your network like a database using the Network Query Engine

The Forward Networks platform lets engineers search their network like a database. Discovering and tracking interesting configuration and state information no longer require complex vendor specific scripting — the NQE library makes it easy to write and store custom inquiries in seconds. 
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Proactive Compliance Verification for Network Security

Regulatory compliance can cost teams valuable time and money. Forward Enterprise's security posture verification can relieve this burden and prove that your network behavior conforms with corporate policy intent in real-time. In this demonstration, Technical Solutions Architect, Glen Turner shows us how operators can use Forward to prove the network meets PCI DSS regulatory requirements. 
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Forward Cloud | Demo

Forward Cloud is the single source of truth (and pane of glass) for hybrid multi-cloud networks. Forward Enterprise allows Networking, Security, and Cloud professionals to look at the same data when troubleshooting or verifying network behaviors. The single pane of glass model delivers actionable information in an intuitive, vendor-agnostic manner.
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Assessing Infected IP damage with Blast Radius

Forward Enterprise's Blast Radius feature is an 'easy button' that allows users to localize a compromised host and analyze its network reachability to potential target in minutes. Don't waste time and money countering cyber attacks, use Forward Enterprise.
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Networking Field Day 

Live presentations recorded in front of an audience of network engineers and industry specialists


Watch our Forward Networks founders, engineers, and technical experts discuss real-customer challenges and demonstrate Forward Enterprise features and solutions.

Just for fun

CCIE vs. The Network

One man is tasked with finding 
the single source of truth in a
world of risk and uncertainty.
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Silence of the LAN

Who dares to investigate 
the dark presence 
within the network? 
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