Forward Networks + Networking Field Day

Watch as Forward Networks engineers demonstrate the unique features of Forward Enterprise live in front of NFD 21 delegates. Hear what the delegates had to say about the presentation below, and our blog post about the event,"What Do Boba Tea and Network Verification Have in Common?"

Intro to Forward Networks + UI Demo

What does it mean to have a mathematical model (or “digital twin”) of the network? Brandon explains how the Forward Networks team built the software platform, and demonstrates the core functionality of Forward Enterprise to search, verify, and predict network behavior.

Forward Networks API Integrations + App Team Self Service Demo

Siva Radhakrishnan provides an overview of API integrations with the Forward platform and shows how one of the company’s large customers uses a Slackbot to query network behavior and return instant results.

Forward Networks Demo: Closed Loop Automation

Network automation and verification go hand-in-hand, as Fabrizio Maccioni demonstrates in this example using Forward Enterprise in conjunction with Ansible. Network verification closes the loop on network automation and allows network operators to quickly verify network behavior.

Forward Networks Demo: Custom Checks

Nikhil Handigol introduces a new feature in the Forward platform, enabling network engineers to use Forward’s Network Query Engine (NQE) to easily build custom checks for network behavior by querying a normalized, structured data set.

Natale Ruello highlights some key lessons learned in building an enterprise-grade product: the need for scalability, accuracy, performance, and ease of use.

Forward Networks Platform Walkthrough

Cisco Live EMEA Tech Field Day presenation covering the Forward Enterprise features—Behavior Diffs and Network Query Engine.

More Forward Networks videos

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