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The Forward Networks Difference

Why Forward?

No other network modeling software supports more vendors or more integrations; 
giving you full-scalability with zero provisioning

Your Perfect Multi-vendor Solution

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Network Engineer
A single source-of-truth for the average enterprise network's
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Deployable and enterprise-ready, today

Companies with large networks use Forward Enterprise to build a software copy of their network allowing them to search and verify their entire network's behavior. It is not a simulation. It is a mathematically accurate model of the network.
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What is a Network Digital Twin?

Always-accurate, accessible, and actionable data to ensure network security and reliability
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applied algebra

How does Forward Enterprise work?

Forward Enterprise collects the configuration and operational protocol state from every device moving packets in the network.
With this data, our behaviorally-accurate model can determine for any packet that arrives at any port on the device, what it will do with it, and how. Whether it will be forwarded, routed, rewritten, mirrored, dropped, etc.

Building on top of the individual device models, Forward Enterprise analyzes the path that all possible packets, going in all possible ports, can take in your network.

In short, the software can tell you where any packet could *ever* go. The depth and accuracy of our device modeling is unsurpassed in the industry.
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Network Query Engine

Keep Calm, and Query On

Once upon a time, one of our customers asked us if we could take all of the valuable network data collected by Forward Enterprise and build an automatic way to parse it and normalize it, so that they could query the network like a database. So we did.

Now, Network Query Engine (NQE) is everyone’s favorite feature, and we keep releasing cool new enhancements to it. [Now with AI Assist]
Learn more about NQE and AI Assist
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Flexible and easy to deploy

SaaS or On-prem? Yes.
Forward Enterprise is flexible and easy to deploy. No write credentials needed, no agents, no hardware appliances, no configuration changes. It's enterprise-ready and running today on networks larger than 50K devices.

No risk

  • No write credentials needed

  • No configuration changes

  • No required firmware updates

No pain

  • No agents

  • No rack of servers

  • No Windows needed

  • No hardware appliances needed

  • No additional software to maintain

Industry Recognition


Winner of over 20 industry awards, Forward Enterprise is the best-in-class network modeling software that customers love.
2022 Synergy Award
2022 Mobile Breakthrough Award
2023 Cloud Computing Award
2024 Globee Awards Winner for Cybersecurity
2022 Customer Service Award
2021 Globee Award
2022 Stratus Award
2022 Cyber Security Award
2019 IT World Gold Award
2019 Big Awards for Business Award
2021 Sass Award
Broadband Award
2020 Stevie Gold Award
The Golden Bridge Award
2019 Upstart Tech Awards
GSMA 100 Award
Global Infosec Awards Winner 2023 - Cyber Defense Magazine
Target Tech Innovation Award
Info Security Gold and Silver Award
Gartner Cool Vendor Award
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