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Compare Configuration Changes for Any Device

Behavior Diffs allow you to see configuration file changes for each device between any to points in time, side by side, in one quick view. Quickly focus on what was changed and what is causing new network behaviors.

See Network Behavior and Policy Changes

Identify which policy rules and behavior checks have changed between snapshots. Even minor updates can often have unanticipated side-effects that are quickly highlighted. Or confirm at a glance that all policy issues have been addressed in the most recent update.

View Changes in Connections and Topology

See new device connections, topology changes and interface updates. Worried about rogue IT adding new devices in the network? Or losing track of what was added and removed over time? Quickly compare overall network connections from now to any prior point in time.

Compare ACL Security Policies

See which devices have updated Access Control List (ACL) rules across the entire network, including firewalls. Quickly correlate those changes with specific policy checks and behavior changes.

View IP Route Changes and Details

Learn how routes have been updated due to recent changes. Filter results by VRF, next hop address, IP destination and more. Quickly access configuration file updates corresponding to routing changes to get more information or edit locally.

Forward Networks Product Comparison

 Forward EssentialsForward Enterprise
Search configuration files across
all devices, including switches, firewalls,
routers and load balancers
Automated network diagramming tool and topology management
Device inventory tracking and reporting
Compare topology and configurations
between snapshots for change management
Forward Search: End-to-end path analysis
highlighting network behavior and policies
Forward Verify: Compares network intent and policy requirements to current network design and configurations
Forward Predict: A sandbox environment for testing proposed changes to network configurations for policy impact and compliance
Behavior Diffs: Full comparison of network
behavior and path analysis between snapshots
Pre-defined Checks: A built-in library validates basic network configurations to remove inconsistencies
Cloud offering
On-Premises deployment option
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